You asked for a QR Code. I made one!

Hey all! It’s come up a few times about having a QR code for us to use for the Baronial Website. I made one! This QR code will take you to the website home page. Feel free to use it anywhere you’d like!

QR Code for Bryn Gwlad Home Page

Want to make your own QR code? It’s super easy!

This is an example of a QR code generator that you can use to make your own QR code — they can point to any URL:

What is a QR Code?

“QR Code” is an abbreviation for “quick response code”. The term “QR Code” is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE.

QR codes are composed of a few key components:

  • Position detection markers (the three big squares in the corners)
  • Alignment Markers (the small square in the bottom right; this helps adjust for curved surfaces)
  • Timing pattern, version info, and format information — this is located along the edges of the big squares and tell the scanning app how to parse the encoded url or data in the image
  • Data and error correction — 80% of the image is the encoded url or data

This website gives a great breakdown with images: QR Code Basics


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