Wool and Linen — Staples for Constructing Clothing

Do you have ideas for clothing, but don’t know where to shop for fabric or accessories?

Don’t worry! It’s where we all begin, and we are happy to share resources. There are many, *many* vendors that sell fabric or clothing that fit the SCA aesthetic (anything pre-1600). Take a gander at these sites for inspiration.

These links will take you to external sites that have no affiliation with Bryn Gwlad.

SCA Merchant Relief Facebook Group – A place for merchants within the Society for Creative Anachronism to advertise their wares. The purpose of this group is to help merchants within the SCA recover from the loss encountered by mass cancellations of events around the Known World for the foreseeable future.

Fabrics-Store.com – Fabrics Store is a popular linen vendor with SCA participants. They allow bulk orders and regularly offer discounts on linen (in the ranges of $7 – $10/yard). Worth checking out!

Speerbiter РThis is an international vendor that specialized in vegetable dyed wool especially suitable for re-enactment / living history of the early Middle Ages / Viking era. They paint everything ourselves at home or at an event.