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  • 18 May Populace Meeting – Watch Here!

    The 18 May Populace meeting was recorded and is now available online for people to watch! The link below will direct you to the Zoom Recording. You do not need a Zoom account to watch the video. It’s approximately 56 minutes long.

    The full video is available here!
    Password: 3j*r48.f

  • Upcoming Activities in May!

    Good morrow to the Barony! We have a few activities that have been added to the calendar I want to draw your attention to. Check them out below!

    19 May (tonight) – Populace in the Virtual Park
    1900 – 2100 CST
    Voice/video chat in the Baronial Discord Server

    24 May – Flameworks Guild Watch Party
    1400 – 1530 CST
    Watch party in the Flameworks Facebook Group
    Or join the class directly from Zoom – details will be added to the event fb page

    25 May – Deadline to submit content for the June Halberd
    Midnight is the deadline
    Contact the Chronicler with questions or to submit content

    26 May – Populace in the Virtual Park
    1900 – 2100 CST
    Voice/video chat in the Baronial Discord Server

    28 May – Clothiers Guild Virtual Hangout
    1800 – 2100 CST
    Voice/video chat in the Baronial Discord Server

    31 May – Bryn Gwlad Trained Band Meeting
    1900 – 2000 CST
    Voice/video chat via Zoom – discussing uniforms, kit, musketry and more!

    31 May – Last day to submit applications for Rapier Marshal
    Visit the Officer’s Page to find the application form

  • Bryn Gwlad Halberd – May 2020

    The May newsletter has been published! Check it out for baronial updates, announcements, and more!

  • Fall Baronial Update – 7 May

    Greetings unto the Barony of Bryn Gwald!

    I am excited and honored to have been chosen by the Barony to fill the role of Event Steward for our upcoming Fall Baronial event. I recognize that we 5 months away from the event, and much could change in Austin, the surrounding cities, and the society between now and then that could impact this event. I intend to keep that close in mind as I continue forward, and I hope that this will be a fun and rewarding process regardless of what the final product will be!

    My goal is to create an environment where we can learn, create, and play in the Dream that is the SCA!

    I started the bare bones for the event website. Check it out if you’d like 🙂 I’m planning to keep pretty much all of the event resources accessible from that page. As much for my own sanity as I figure it’ll be useful for people to see what’s what. Gonna make a “contact the event steward” form soon so that it’ll be easy for people to contact me.

    Next things I’m working on will be updating/fleshing out the theme ideas I’ve had so far and making those accessible to everyone. After that will be reaching out to champions and officers/guild leaders, and then hopefully scheduling a brainstorming session for the barony.

    My goal is that by the end of May we will have a pretty good handle on what in-person competitions we want to plan for, what virtual alternatives we want to aim for, and a solid idea (or at least starting ideas) for how we want to incorporate the theme into our event.

    Lady kolfinna inn kyrra Otarsdottir
    Event Steward for Fall Baronial 2020
    Bryn Gwlad Webminister
  • Missing the SCA?

    I don’t know about all of you, but I have been missing seeing my SCA family at guild meetings, fighter practice, and events. If you are like me I encourage you to check out this video from our neighboring Kingdom of Glenn Abhann.

    I hope to see everyone soon at one of our virtual events soon or in person once it is safe!

    Yours in service,
    Orazio d’Assisi
    Bryn Gwlad Hospitaler

  • SCA 101 — 4 May — Updated Class Details

    Update for SCA101! As previously announced, the first class of the 2020 Bryn Glad Newcomer’s Academy will be held next Monday, May 4, 2020. Due to the plague ravaging the Current Middle Ages, we are moving this class online to Zoom!

    P.S. A reminder – this class will NOT be held in person at Nosh and Bevvy, but online on Zoom. But, you need to eat right? Consider picking up some take out from Nosh and Bevvy and support our awesome host restaurant!

    In service,
    Katherine de Kroepseur and the NCA Committee

    What: SCA101 Class – Basic introduction to the SCA.
    Topics include brief history, overview of activities, The Known World, SCA structure, and finding your place the SCA.

    Date/Time: May 4, 2020. Class starts promptly at 7 pm.

    Where: Online. Zoom Meeting. Click on the link below or open zoom, enter the meeting ID. You will need the Password provided below to join the meeting.

    Who: Anyone interested in learning about the SCA.

    Zoom Meeting Topic: Bryn Gwlad Newcomer’s Academy: SCA 101
    Time: May 4, 2020 07:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)
    Join Zoom Meeting:
    Meeting ID: 741 2767 8107
    Password: 4CpRUH

    Questions? Contact the Newcomer’s Academy Committee! You can message us here or send an email to

    Facebook Event page

  • Populace in the Virtual Park — Tonight!

    Join us for a virtual gathering of the populace! We will be using the Baronial Discord server and hanging out with voice and video! There are many voice channels for us to you, break out into small groups, share content with the group, or just enjoy the sounds of people talking.

    If you’re new to Discord, join our server here. You’ll need to introduce yourself in the #introductions channel to gain access to the voice and chat channels on the server.

  • Bids are in for Fall Baronial – VOTE TODAY!!

    Fall Baronial 2020 is the first weekend of October this year. We have had two presentations for event bids tonight during our Zoom Business Meeting.We are going to be using Survey Monkey to vote on which bid will be chosen.

    If you want to look at the documents for each bid you can find them here on a Google Drive Folder;

    Bid#1 Camp Arrow Head
    Bid#2 Rockdale Fair Park

    Survey Monkey Voting Link;
    Voting will be open for 24 hours (Closing 8PM 4/28/2020) only so please spread the word and the links and use this chance to voice your opinion and choice.

    Robert de Bray
    Bryn Gwlad Seneschal
  • Reminder: Offices are Open for Application

    The offices of Seneschal, Rapier Marshal, Minister of Children and Webminister are Open for Applications!

    Applications for Rapier Marshal are due by APRIL 30, 2020.

    Applications for Webminsiter are due by APRIL 30, 2020.

    Applications for Seneschal are due by MAY 31, 2020.

    Applications for Minister of Children are being accepted at any time.

    Want to apply? Fill out the Officer Application form!

  • SCA 101 — Newcomer’s Academy Class – 4 May

    Good evening Newcomers!

    In one weeks time (Monday, May 4) we will be hosting our first class of this years session of the Bryn Gwlad’s Newcomers Academy: SCA 101.

    Come learn the basics of what the SCA is all about!

    Due to the state of affairs in the current Middle Ages, instead of meeting at our beloved Nosh and Bevvy, we will be meeting virtually for SCA101. Stay tuned in the next couple of days for information on how to join us in our virtual classroom!

    Need more information? Check us out on the Bryn Gwlad website!

    In service,
    Katherine and the BG NCA Committee

    The Baronial Calendar will be updated as meeting details become available.

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