Weekly Announcements: 5/14

Greetings Bryn Gwlad,

Several people that spent time under the baronial pavilion at Queen’s Champion have tested positive for Covid, so HE kolfinna and I will be staying home tonight to be safe until we can do our 5 day incubation test. Everyone please be safe and take whatever safety precautions you feel you need to. With that being said, here are this week’s announcements:

  • HL Nicaize is still out of country, so please be patient with any communication to them. Their two new deputies are Escarlata and Gerold who can help with any seneschallate requests.
  • Upcoming Activities: (all events will be updated as needed if hosts test positive)
    • Wed at 6 pm: Nosh and Bevvy social
    • Thursday at 6:30: Dance practice at Pioneer Farms
    • Saturday 10am to completion: Silk banner work day
    • Sunday at 12pm: Cooks Guild
    • Sunday at 7pm: Newcomer’s Academy – SCA 101 at Nosh and Bevvy
    • Monday at 7pm: Fall Baronial planning meeting
  • The barony will be hosting an encampment at Steppes Warlord! You can sign up via THIS FORM so we can make food plans and coordinate reserving space for people.
  • The Stronghold of Hellsgate is hosting a demo at the Dancing Bee Winery on the Monday after Warlord. For more information please reach out to the Sigurd Hrafnsson
    • Dancing Bee Winery, 8060 US 190, Rogers TX 76569
    • Setup is 6-9am

Thank you to everyone who joined us at Queen’s Champion. It was a wonderful day to represent Bryn Gwlad and we loved watching our populace excel! On the field, serving the community, and being recognized in court! BG runs the kingdom!

John Drake: Lion of Ansteorra
John Drake: Royal Blade
Despoina of Bryn Gwlad – AoA
Vaszoly Bathorij – AoA
Rene Damours – Sable Crane
Sæbjorn i Eydigardi – Sable Talon
Alaric Styr “Tutal” – Blade of Merit

With love in our hearts and hopefully no covid in our noses,
Barone Orazio and Hersirkona kolfinna

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