We need your input! Joint BG/BJB event proposal

Greetings, Bryn Gwlad!

As discussed in the business meeting, her excellency and I, with the initial approval of the financial committee, spoke with their excellencies Bjornsborg about having a joint event in the fall of 2024 with an eye towards returning to Castleton together in the fall of 2025 and potentially starting an ongoing co-baronial. Initial feedback at the business meeting was very positive, but we want everyone in the barony to have an opportunity to weigh in! Please fill out this FEEDBACK FORM and let us know your thoughts.

In joyful, excited service and ready for schemes and shenanigans!
Orazio d’Assisi, Barone

1 thought on “We need your input! Joint BG/BJB event proposal”

  1. I was unable to sign on to the meeting. So if I ask anything already covered please bear with me.

    I am hoping this event will be able to flex to different historical events and cultures.

    Will there be arts and sciences competition, display, or something else?

    Is there a theme picked out for the first event?

    I’m sure I’ll have more questions. Thanks so much

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