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The Realm of Venus

Welcome to the Realm of Venus, a site about the clothing and accessories of the men and women of late Renaissance Italy, with a focus on sixteenth century Venice.

Whether you are a costumer in the SCA, theatre, film, or Renaissance Fairs, or if you are simply a lover of art or historical fashion, I hope you’ll find inspiration on these pages.

Anabella Simoes
(Known in the SCA as Donna (Lady) Bella Lucia da Verona)
Adelaide, South Australia

Eva’s Historical Costuming Blog

A blog about historical costuming and the history of dress, mostly from the period 1000 to 1600, but with occasional excursions into the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.

The blog started as a way for me too try and make the information from my old costuming web page that I started over ten years ago more accessible. Most of the content was moved over, and you find the content of the old web pages as pages, listed to the left in the blog. Gradually more, new, costumes are added, but in the blog you also find posts about dress history in general, not only stuff that I have made.

You can also follow this blog on facebook, where I also post tidbits inbetween regular blog posts.


Vikings of Middle England

Vikings of Middle England is a group that provides Living History Displays, Realistic Combat displays, Drama and Pageantry. They also have a Blog with lots of interesting tidbits about Vikings in Middle England

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