VPiP — Tuesday Training — NCA Video Available — Event Prep for You!

Join us tonight for a virtual populace hangout in Discord!

  • https://discord.gg/kCT4fRu
  • Introduce yourself if you are new to the server
  • Join the “populace” voice channel

Want to brush the rust off your rapier muscles? Join us for an hour-long (come and go as you like) session with warm up, stretches, and rapier strengthening drills

  • https://discord.gg/kCT4fRu
  • Hop into the tuesday-training voice channel

Are you looking forward to the event in October? We are just over 3 weeks away! Check out the event page for details on the ongoing minecraft building efforts, details will be added tonight or tomorrow for the paint along scribal activity, and look for a recipe to be posted for you to try or discuss the day of the event!

The latest Newcomers Academy class is available for watch! Check it out below or subscribe to our YouTube channel!