Volunteers needed Click Here !

Greetings Barony ! We have two events ASGARDIAN FIELD DAY & ZOMBIE TOURNAMENT!

Asgardian Field day needs gate shifts filled ~ This event will be Nov 6th – This is our Fall Baronial event being held jointly with the Shire of Shadowlands – it will take place at DEANVILLE HALL, Farm to Market rd. 111, Deanville, TX ~ please click on the sign up sheet and volunteer –

We also need Volunteers for Zombie Tournament ~ Oct 26th ! This is a mini day of fun ~ taking place at Populace in the Park (PIP) This is a Tuesday evening and a great opportunity to show the community what fun we have – it is a garbed event – with lots of fun stuff do do as well as fighting Zombies both Chivalric and Rapier ! please click on the sign up sheet and help !

Two sign up sheets

1st is Asgardian gate shifts https://forms.gle/oAGgDfnRLjLxkqTZ9

2nd is Zombie Tournament https://forms.gle/mGGKM3Uu6Fo8D2Hq7

Thank you all so much and remember Together all things are possible !