Updates on Park Lighting

Greetings all,

As many are aware, there was damage to the electrical systems at the park which power the lights of our practice area. We have had progress but unfortunately we don’t expect them to be functional yet.

If you have standing lights or portable power sources, please bring them to fighter practice tonight. Marshals will be bringing the equipment we have available, but the more options we have the more likely we will be able to do some sparring tonight.

Our fantastic Seneschal, Nicaize, had this to say on Facebook regarding the saga of park lighting:

Good news, bad news on lights at Beverly Sheffield Park.

I finally got a hold of someone with actual power and information, and have his name, phone number, and email!

Apparently, there was an incident of a pet getting hurt at the park due to bad wiring, so they had to turn off power to the recreation area until they could fix (which required setting new poles, because the original ones were leaning). Also, they are working on the pool, and there are updates to the electricity due to that too (including voltage changes). All of these fixes are now tied up together, so no power until we get them all fixed. They actively have crews on site and working, though I don’t have an ETA for fixing yet. I should be getting an update from My Guy tomorrow.

I’m very optimistic now, knowing there is attention and active work being done to improve this situation. And having a contact who is willing to give me updates. But the bad news, it’s very doubtful that there will be lights on tonight.

In the meantime, please plan to join your fellows this Sunday at our same park during the daytime for sparring, crafting, and comradery! Watch the calendar for details.

In Service,
Bryn Gwlad Rapier Marshal