Update on in-person events

Greetings Bryn Gwlad!

I have an update from the SCA’s board of directors concerning events for the rest of the year. To read their full resolution you can find it here.

The long and short of it is there will be no in-person kingdom-level events through January 31st. I know this is disappointing but it does not mean there aren’t things going on! You can still find out what kingdom events are going virtual by checking out the Kingdom Calendar, check out what is happening locally on our baronial calendar, and watch for when our local group will be able to restart practice by monitoring the Ansteorran Martial Reopening Plan. I will also continue to monitor and will announce once we are able to resume practices.

In Joyful Service,
Orazio d’Assisi
Seneschal of Bryn Gwlad