Update from the society seneschal: officially distributed identifiers

Good morning, Bryn Gwlad!

I wanted to pass along an update from society concerning the issuing of largess/site tokens/etc. to be used to indicate a participant’s willingness for physical contact. Before I pass along that message though, I would like to remind everyone that it is easy for us to forget in such a close knit and familial society that we are still a 501c3 non-profit organization. The board of directors and society officers are doing their best to, in good faith, ensure we maintain that status and protect our organization so we can continue making the best modern middle ages that we can.

In all things, please remember to act with courtesy and embody the SCA’s core values. Before touching anyone else, make sure you have their permission to do so, no matter how excited you are to see them.

Note from the society seneschal:

There has been a growing trend of using colored ribbons, pins, patches, or other markers that people are using to mean hug acceptance (yes hugs, ask first, no hugs) or vaccine status.  They may also be used to indicate masking preference. Any use of such markers or tokens CANNOT give the appearance, implication or suggestion of SCA endorsement.  If people want to use them, that is fine, but they cannot be distributed by event staff, at gate, or near gate.  Also, the wearing of these items MUST be completely and totally voluntary.  If private individuals want to host such a thing, they may do so away from the event site’s entrance.

I am going to leave commenting on this post open, as there are valuable conversations to be had around this topic, but I or the other moderators will shut down commenting and remove overly negative comments if it is getting heated. Any commentary or concerns can be sent to me and I will pass up the seneschal chain if I cannot resolve. Also please remember you can always contact the ombudsman for Ansteorra, Dale Fong-Frederick (Sir Jibril al-Dakhil) with any concerns.

In joyful service,
Orazio d’Assisi
Seneschal, BG

2 thoughts on “Update from the society seneschal: officially distributed identifiers”

  1. This seems unnecesarily antagonistic. I don’t understand how this serves to further the goals of the SCA or protect the non-profit status.

  2. Very interesting topic – I guess I miss things , A lot lol – I have been to 3 events since the reopening of Live play – and I have no clue what this pertains too – I have as others have signaled my acceptance of hugs or contact with words like “no hugs please” or “ Yes please hug” – now at one event they gave away masks – is that what we are referencing ? Not being snarky but does it really have to be this difficult ? I mean pins and ribbons? I don’t even look at peoples pins and ribbons when I walk up to them – to me Words are just so much easier ..

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