Tuesday Reminders!

  1. Discord Logo. Virtual Populace Hangout in Discord tonight! Please consider dropping into voice to chat with us!
  2. Rapier Marshal Badge. Rapier drills during PiP in Discord, starting at 7pm! Join Orazio as he runs us through a warm up, strengthening drills, and skill drills! Knock off that rust!
  3. Minecraft Challenges – Let’s do them again! We had great turnout for our Minecraft challenges on Saturday. Some people weren’t able to make it, and some folks want to do them again! Check out the poll that kolfinna (Webmin) started in the #challenge-chat channel in Discord and add your reactions to vote!
    1. We will announce any challenge nights/dance nights/archery nights for Discord, and will plan to add them to the calendar as well.
  4. . If you haven’t already, please vote in the poll that Orazio (Seneschal) created related to Candlemas! Your opinions matter!