The “New World” in the SCA — join the class tonight!

What: The “New World” in the SCA: Creating Accessibility and an Inviting Atmosphere for Non-Eurasian Personas and Cultures
Where: Public Live Stream via Facebook
When: 630pm CDT
Who: All are welcome to attend
Why: This is one of several Virtual Pennsic Classes that you can watch!

Brief class description:

With distinct actions such as updating the SCA Mission Statement to reflect the expansion of scope and play beyond Western Europe, the Society as a whole has been moving in a more positive direction in regard to the acceptance of Non-European cultures. However, creating a welcoming environment goes beyond merely allowing others to adopt non-European names and taking novel interest in New World A&S projects. True accessibly involves earnest discussion and active work to make others feel as if they are fellow members of the Society and not simply tolerated.

In this discussion, we will be talking about ways the that we all can work together to create an SCA environment that is inclusive towards New World personas and indigenous cultures at all levels of the Society, from kingdom all the way down to our daily interpersonal interactions. This includes addressing topics such as DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity) initiatives, meaningful support and engagement, emotional labor, the problem with relying solely on European documentation for non-European cultures, and acceptance beyond novelty for non-Eurasian personas and cultures. By having these open and earnest discussion, my hope is that we as a Society will continue to improve and make it easier for future members who pursue New World and indigenous passions to live the Dream just like everyone else.