Taverns, Castles, and Keeps! Oh My!

Our virtual event is quickly approaching!

The month-long building challenge in Minecraft starts on 1 September!!!

As part of our event will be a building competition throughout the month of September up to and including the weekend of the event. 

What: Minecraft Building Bryn Gwlad challenge 
Where: Bryn Gwlad hosted Minecraft server, Bryn Gwlad Discord server 
When: 1 Sept – 11:59pm 2 Oct

Build a period home. Build a castle. Get creative and help us build our SCA world!
Players of all ages are welcome and encouraged to join in.

If you are interested in competing, please fill out this form to enter the Building Bryn Gwlad competition! It is open to all skill levels and there will be FABULOUS prizes!

Please join our Discord server if you want to help with the pre-event setup (https://discord.gg/kCT4fRu).

Huge, Huge thanks to Tuathal O’Sheils for coordinating this activity and doing the work to get our server started. He has done a lot so far and there is much more in the works!

Also huge thanks to Gavin Mac Giolla Ruaidh, Gerold Screivogel, Alex Maupetit, Nadja Ramthuner, Aldonza Gonzalez Escajeda, and Wulfgard Martel for helping with the builds seen in the images above.