Serving with Disabilities

Lady Elspeth Bhorúma inghean uí Bhria recently taught a class about how to serve with disabilities in the SCA.

The SCA is a volunteer organization; we are active; and most of our events and activities require/result in a lot of physical activity, a lot of moving around. This can make it a challenge or make it very discouraging for persons with disabilities who want to be a part of that activity and energy but don’t see ways that they can join in. We also don’t always now how to best support persons with disabilities at events. Lady Elspeth discusses these topics and more.

Lady Elspeth covers the following during this class, and it is well worth a watch.

  • How to serve while disabled
    • Serving while anxious
    • Serving while depressed
    • Serving while mobility challenged
  • How to be disabled while serving
  • How to support those who are serving disabled
  • Equipment/tools/other support options

Watch the full class here (approx 40m duration)!

It’s also available in the “Media” tab of the Virtual Academy of Service Minded Individuals on Facebook.