Virtual Meetings

Step 1:

Decide what platform you will be using (see table below). We have some platforms listed below, but if you’re not running a business meeting, you can use whatever platform you’d like.

Step 2:

Get it on the calendar!!!

Step 3:

Have your class, meeting, movie time, and enjoy!

ZoomGoogle HangoutsDiscordFacebook Live
First-Time SetupVideo WalkthroughsAbout Hangouts/Meet

Hangouts Overview

Hangouts/Meet Guides

Starting Meetings
What is Discord?
How to use

Running Classes*
Watching Movies or Games
Basic How-To

Tips for Use

Video Walkthrough
Barony Accounts?Yes, contact Seneschal or Baron to useNoYes, Baronial Discord ServerNo
Requires Individual Invites to be sent?No, can use linkYesNo, can use linkNo, can use link
Video Capable?YesYesYes (screen sharing)Yes
Audio Capable?YesYesYesYes
Multiple People Streaming Video?YesYesNoNo
Multiple People Using Audio?YesYesYesNo
Broadcast Duration Limits?YesNoNoNo
Can be used for SCA Business Mtgs (i.e. not guilds, classes, etc)YesYesNoNo

\* Discord’s Go Live feature can be used to stream an individual’s camera (for example, if you want to show the room a project or do a demo, or run a video class) — you need only pull up a camera application on your computer and then select that as your streaming option for Go Live.
\** Zoom has a 45 minute for new/free accounts. The Seneschal has a paid account that barony members can use if they contact the Seneschal.