Bryn Gwlad Discord Server

Note for Streaming: If you’re using Powerpoint, export your slides as a PDF and stream that. Powerpoint is an extremely greedy program and will eat your video and audio.

First-Time SetupWhat is Discord?
How to use
Running Classes*
Watching Movies or Games
Barony Accounts?Yes, Baronial Discord Server
Requires Individual Invites to be sent?No, can use link
Video Capable?Yes
Screen Sharing?Yes
Voice Capable?Yes
Multiple People Streaming Video?Yes
Multiple People Using Audio?Yes
Broadcast Duration Limits?No
Can be used for SCA Business Mtgs?Yes

* Discord’s Go Live feature can be used to stream an individual’s camera (for example, if you want to show the room a project or do a demo, or run a video class) — you need only pull up a camera application on your computer and then select that as your streaming option for Go Live.

Recommended Platforms:

  • If you’re doing text only:
    • all platforms will work (mobile, desktop, any browser, etc)
  • If you’re doing text and voice
    • all platforms will work (mobile, desktop, any browser, etc)
  • If you want to see/use video
    • Discord App (recommended)
    • Google Chrome
    • Mobile App
    • Note: Firefox does not support video

When you first join the server, this is what you will see (on mobile, the member list and the channel lists will be collapsed).

  1. Column of server icons
  2. Column of channels in your selected server
  3. The text display
  4. Input for your selected channel
  5. Column of members in the server

You’ll start out in the #welcome channel. This will appear on the left hand side. Your selected channel will always be highlighted white.

If you are joining for Fall Baronial, you’re done!

If you want to get access to the BG guild channels, and general chat, you’ll need to post a short intro of yourself in the #introductions channel

eg. “Hi, my SCA name is…. I play in the group called… I am interested in…”

After that, you are welcome to participate in any channel you can see as long as you follow our SCA Code of Conduct.

Video Walkthrough of Joining the server, Basic Layout and Important Event Channels

When someone is streaming, the word “LIVE” will show up next to their name. Click their name and you’ll get a prompt to start watching their stream

If you have a text channel selected while you are in voice (1 and 2), a thumbnail display of the video will show up in the corner of your screen (3). If you are on mobile, your entire display will be the text channel.

Click on the voice channel to see all users and their video (1). If someone is streaming it will show up here, too. You can click the stream to make it full screen (2).

Options will be at the bottom of your display (3)

Say you want to type something in the #populace text channel. All you need to do is click on that channel in the list. Then, messages you type and send will be sent to that channel.

Say you want to join the “populace” voice channel. Voice channels are indicated by a speaker icon rather than the #. To join voice, simply click on the channel name. Your icon and name will appear immediately under the channel name. You are now in voice! Make sure to check your mic/speaker setup.

Want to check a user’s roles? Simply click on their name to see their current roles and a place where you can add notes (if you are on mobile, you’ll need to press and hold). Right click a user for more options.

Want to share your screen or turn on video? After you join a voice channel, you will get “Video” and “Screen” buttons at the bottom of your screen. Click on these to share your camera or your screen.