Bryn Gwlad Discord Server

Note for Streaming: If you’re using Powerpoint, export your slides as a PDF and stream that. Powerpoint is an extremely greedy program and will eat your video and audio.

First-Time SetupWhat is Discord?
How to use
Running Classes*
Watching Movies or Games
Barony Accounts?Yes, Baronial Discord Server
Requires Individual Invites to be sent?No, can use link
Video Capable?Yes
Screen Sharing?Yes
Voice Capable?Yes
Multiple People Streaming Video?Yes
Multiple People Using Audio?Yes
Broadcast Duration Limits?No
Can be used for SCA Business Mtgs?Yes

* Discord’s Go Live feature can be used to stream an individual’s camera (for example, if you want to show the room a project or do a demo, or run a video class) — you need only pull up a camera application on your computer and then select that as your streaming option for Go Live.