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  • Missed the Final NCA Class? We’ve got you covered!

    That’s right, the final NCA Class of the Summer 2020 offering is now available for watching!

    Join us on October 3 to celebrate our Newcomer Academy Graduates at the Bryn Gwlad Fall Baronial Event!

    Graduation will be held at 9am.

    Join us in discord to watch, cheer, and celebrate graduation and the event kick-off!–JXizvU4
  • Familiar with OBS? Interested in attending a class or two? I need you!

    Good afternoon, Bryn Gwlad!

    Our event is fast approaching, and I am looking for a few people who are….

    1. Familiar with (or willing to learn about) software like OBS for screen recording

    2. Available on 3 October and can attend a class or two during our fall event

    3. Able to share the recording files with me after so I can upload them to our Baronial YouTube channel

    Interested in helping me out? AWESOME!

    Fill out this form so I can get in touch with you and we can make plans!

    Lady kolfinna inn kyrra Ottarsdottir
    Fall 2020 Event Steward
  • September 2020 Newsletter

    The September newsletter has been published!

  • Upcoming BG Newcomers Academy Classes

    The Bryn Gwlad Newcomer’s Academy 2020 session is well underway and we have had a fantastic turn out of newcomers from near and far! Thank you to all our attendees and our fantastic teachers who have seamlessly moved to an all-virtual academy.

    Our next class, Awards and Court, will occur Monday, August 31, 2020 and begins promptly at 7 pm. Please Note! This class was originally scheduled for later in September, but it has been moved up to August 31. Join teacher, Mistress Myfanwy ferch Eifion for an introduction to SCA awards and what to expect when you attend Court.

    We are happy to announce a bonus class for this year’s Academy: Heraldry and Award Recommendations. This class is scheduled for Monday, September 14, 2020 at 7 pm. This class will be split into two parts featuring two guest teachers!

    First, join Bryn Gwlad’s Herald, Sigrun de Birca for Basics in Heraldry. Learn what it takes to take a name , start a device , start a badge – and not break a sweat or stress, and so much more ! There will be a question and answer at the end.

    Second, HL Safiyya bint Khalid ibn Hamdun, Star Signet (head of Ansteorra’s College of Scribes) will be talking about writing Award Recommendations, how to navigate the process of submitting your words, and how to find out what awards you might submit. A brief review on using the OP (order of precedence) to your advantage and what you can do to help the Crown recognize their populace. Bring your questions!

    All classes are held virtually via Zoom. Zoom meeting access information is posted in the Facebook Event page closer to the date of each class. Links for the two classes are below:

    NCA: Awards and Court Class Facebook Event page:

    NCA: Heraldry and Award Recommendations:

    We hope to see you at class! Remember, you don’t have to be part of Bryn Gwlad to attend these classes – everyone from near and far are welcome!

    In service,
    Katherine de Kroepseur
    on behalf of the Newcomer’s Academy Committee

  • Baronial Business Meeting – Tonight!

    The Bryn Gwlad Baronial Business meeting is tonight!

    7pm – 830pm, Zoom, link below.

    This is a great way to see people, get updates on what’s in the works for the Barony,  and hear opportunities for involvement.

    Join us tonight at 7pm (the meeting has usually run til about 8pm, but we have it blocked out til 830)

  • The Quest for a Fun Online Event will soon be Complete!

    Bryn Gwlad Event Steward – checking in!

    Activities lined up so far

    • Event kick-off with Their Excellencies Bryn Gwlad
    • Afternoon/Evening Court with Their Excellencies
    • Live Classes! Join in for live classes taught by Bryn Gwlad and friends
    • Heraldic Hunt! Find the answers to all of your heraldry, device, and name questions!
    • Minecraft! We will be streaming a variety of activities and challenge for the event, and anyone is welcome to join in! Singles Tournament, Archery tournament, Melee Tournament, Bransles Dance-Off, Building Bryn Gwlad!, Race to THE END!, and more! Let’s take our SCA fun and knowledge and recreate the middle ages together.
    • Open Scribal Painting! Paint Norse-themed Scribal trading cards (2.5inx3in) with our Scribal Guild
    • Rapier Review! Join experienced Rapier fighters as they watch, analyze, and break down fights! What do they look for, what do they see, what do they do next?
    • 24-hour class channel! where we will stream pre-recorded SCA classes or other medieval educational videos
    • 24-hour SCA ambiance channel! where we will stream videos and recordings from SCA events in case you just want a little bit of that SCA event feel

    We already have a good number of activities planned for the event, and there is still room for more. Please feel welcome to reach out if you are interested in hosting an activity, or if there’s something you thing would be fun for us to do.

    If you are interested and willing to teach a class, Master Rene Damours has volunteered to coordinate our class line up. Please reach out to him by Facebook or email.

    For any and all questions, please reach out to me via Facebook, Discord, or email (

    In service,
    Lady kolfinna in kyrra Otarsdottir
    Bryn Gwlad Event Steward
    Fall Baronial 2020 – The Virtual Hunt

  • Covid 19 Update for the Barony

    Greetings, populace and friends of Bryn Gwlad!

    I am writing you to provide an update on the state of activities within the barony and our plans locally for when we will resume in-person activities. Currently, Bryn Gwlad just entered our second week at phase 1 on the Ansteorran Martialate Practices Reopen Plan. The officers of Bryn Gwlad met this week and have decide to use the following criteria as a baseline of when our local group can resume in-person activities.

    • Stage 3 of Austin Public Health’s Covid-19 Risk-Based Guidelines (currently Stage 4)
    • “Green light status” for both of the Ansteorran Reopening plan criteria (only one required by kingdom)
      • 14 day average of total cases is a downward trend (currently green)
      • 14 day average of positive cases as a percentage of population for the Barony is <.02% (currently red)

    Bryn Gwlad does not meet these criteria and so will not resume in-person activities at this time.

    Once these requirements have been met, the officers will reconvene to decide how quickly to resume in person activities. This is to provide a buffer period in which the criteria can maintain their downward trend. Factors that will be considered in how long that buffer period will be are things like how consistent the reduction in cases has been and how long Austin-Travis County has been in Stage 3 or lower.

    Currently, all A&S activities are only allowed via appeal to the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences ( Once Bryn Gwlad’s local reopening criteria are met, we encourage all guilds to coordinate with myself and our local minister of Arts and Sciences if they are interested in holding local A&S activities.

    To ensure all members of the populace have an opportunity to have their voices heard, I have created a survey through which you can provide your feedback on the reopening plan and the decision making process. Please let us know your thoughts!

    The officers all dearly miss the populace of the barony and our SCA activities, but we do not want to rush back into in-person activities without taking local conditions into account. We will continue to monitor the local situation and to the best of our abilities keep the interests of the populace in mind. Until we meet again in person, stay safe, stay awesome, and wear your mask!

    In joyful service,
    Don Orazio d’Assisi
    MKA Ricky Fink
    Seneschal, Bryn Gwlad Chapter of the SCA

  • New online newsletter archive

    The Chroniclers office is beginning the process of Archiving the newsletters. The plan is to digitize the physical copies we have over the course of the next 2 years. The spreadsheet will show the status of what we have physically and what is online. An online inventory should be completed by next week. The office will not be maintaining the physical copies once scanned so will make them available to whoever would like them. The scanned copies will be available online through the archived newsletter link.

    We are not missing many of our newsletters but there are a couple of gaps. If you have any of the missing newsletters in your library, please contact me so I may borrow them. This is a long laborious process but it will be beneficial to the barony in years to come. There is a lot of wonderful artwork, stories, and history that people will be able to enjoy. Currently We are looking for newsletters between 1977 and 1984.

  • August 2020 Newsletter

    The August newsletter has been published. Check it out for baronial updates, announcements, and more!

    Bryn Gwlad Halberd – August 2020

  • Round Table – Saturday, 1 Aug – Link to Sched

    Hail and Well Met, dear Populace!

    Tomorrow is Kingdom Round Table, the event where we learn about and tend to the administrative side of our Society. The schedule can be found at the link below.

    If there isn’t a class you want or need to attend, please consider tuning in to the State of the Kingdom Address at 440pm Central.


    kolfinna inn kyrra Ottarsdottir