Populace Hangout Tonight!

Looking to spend some time chatting with fellow Bryn Gwladers? Want an excuse to check out Discord before our event in October? Join us tonight (28 July) from 7pm til 9pm (ish) for our Tuesday night Populace Hangout!

Who: Anyone in Bryn Gwlad, anyone in the SCA, anyone interested in socializing with us
When: 7pm – 9pm (sometimes people trickle in throughout the evening)
What: Populace hangout in Discord — voice, video, text chat
Why: To meet people or catch up with folks you haven’t spoken to in a while

  • Join our Discord Server Here: https://discord.gg/kCT4fRu
  • Type a short intro in the #introductions channel
  • Explore the server!
  • Type “@mods” once you’re in the server to get help from a moderator

See you tonight!

Bryn Gwlad Officers