PiP Tonight – Minecraft Challenge Begins – Rapier Drills

We have a busy night tonight!

  1. Tonight is our weekly populace hangout in Discord. Join the server, hang out, talk, see people’s faces.
  2. Orazio and I will be running rapier drills starting at 7pm to 8pm in Discord. All skill levels welcome. Join us in the tuesday-training voice channel. We will do:
    1. 6 minute warmup
    2. 4 sequences of a yoga flow — this builds strength and flexibility
    3. Rapier Drills! We’re currently focusing on isolating and strengthening individual components of an attack — moving the feet, moving the arms, thrusting with the sword. As we continue, we will begin to combine these movements and slowly build up our strength and skill for moving in tempo for an attack
  3. Last, but certainly not least — today is the kick-off of our month-long building Bryn Gwlad competition that will end at our Fall Event!!!!
    1. Check out this page for high-level info about the challenge
    2. Visit this page for answers to frequently asked questions and guidelines for builders/players