Oyez, Oyez!

Now announcing: New office hours for Halberd Pursuivant!

Beginning February 1, I will have official office hours. Submitted to everyone, my office hours will be the following:

Tuesday (at PiP): 7pm to 9pm
Thursday: 7pm to 9pm
Sunday: On an as needed basis

I’m still available at other times, but starting February 1, officially these office hours will go into effect. Send me a message on FB Messenger, or on Discord if you have any consultation needs!

ALSO announcing: Open Position: Deputy Halberd! No experience necessary, but always helpful, and will train on the job and back end, and front end, and everything else! Send me an email at herald@bryn-gwlad.ansteorra.org and we can set a time to sit down and talk. The only requirement that I have is that you will need to take the Herald’s Warranting Exam at the next Round Table (take the class, pass the test).