Off Cycle Business Meeting to discuss Fall 2022 Event Bids

On Zoom on Monday 5/9/2022 at 7:00pm, we will be having a special Business meeting to take a Poll of the populace on a few topics, including Event bids for Fall Baronial 2022.

Agenda for the meeting:

  1. Discuss joining Bonwicke and Steppes as the 3rd Primary Group for War of Legions over Labor Day weekend in San Angelo
  2. Discuss inviting Bonwicke to run their championship tournaments at Bryn Gwlad’s Fall Event
  3. Presentations by potential autocrats for Fall Baronial. Polling will take place via Google Form and will be open for 24 hours after the meeting.

People from all baronies are invited to attend the meeting, and provide input. We specifically invite the populace of Bonwicke to provide their input in the event that they will be hosting their championships at this event.