October ~ Guild of the Month

Greetings Bryn Gwlad and Friends, Today we introduce you to The Bryn Gwlad WoodWorkers  Guild ~ The purpose is to Highlight the guild and its leaders and show what it is all about. 

The Bryn Gwlad Woodworkers Guild 

Guild lead is  Úlfeiðr a Þróndheimi – Deputy is Dafydd de Mortemer

The Woodworkers Guild is A New guild and is set up and run by populace from the Barony of Bryn Gwlad, for the Barony and its friends.  It is a resource for beginning and continued help in all areas of Woodworking in the medieval time frame of the SCA ~  pre 1600AD. It is a place to ask questions and receive help or ideas for all.  Wether you are a Newcomer or seasoned old timer, there is always information and help for the asking. 

Todays Interview will be with the Guild Principle Úlfeiðr a Þróndheimi, and Deputy Dafydd de Mortemer , and I am very excited to be able to ask a few questions to see how they personally feel about the things they offer and share with the populace.  Úlfeiðr Has a great knowledge of working with wood and the tools required and Dafydd is extremely knowledgeable and talented in Woodworking – he as a vast knowledge of all types of woods and can make pretty much anything I think – His Talents in woodworking are unsurpassed in my view ! 

Q ~ 1. How long have you been the Principal and Deputy for this Guild and why did you volunteer for this?

A ~ Úlfeiðr has been an interest of mine for years and I noticed that the Barony did not have a guild. With such an active guild community, I thought it would be a great addition and a way I could contribute my love for woodworking to the group. Before I moved to Ansteorra, I had a shop that I had to disband, and I have really missed it. So, this is both a personal journey of rebuilding that and a chance to do something for the Barony with that love.

A ~ Dafydd – The guild has only been around for a few months.  I would like to see it take off and be successful.

Q ~ 2. What kind of things do you think the Barony can gain from attending/joining this guild? 

A ~ Úlfeiðr  Woodworking was an essential craft of pre-modern times and I think its importance is easily overlooked. So, the chance for everyone to see the skills involved and the history of the craft is great. It is also not the kind of craft that most people have had a chance to do, so this gives people the opportunity to try it out without committing to tools and a shop to do it in. Then, if they are interested in going further, they have all the resources they need to help on that journey towards their own workspace.

A ~ Dafydd – In the current middle ages we do a lot of traveling.  I feel that it adds to our experience to have period items that can be easily transported and set up.  Even more so when you make it yourself.  In most cases with a little skill someone can make an item inexpensively that looks period and gets admiring glances from others.

Q ~ 3. Do you need to have any previous experience to be able to join in and get something from this guild? 

A ~ Úlfeiðr  Absolutely not! I would love to have as many people as possible that have never even considered themselves woodworkers. They may find their particular niche out of the many disciplines within the field. It isn’t just about building boxes or larger things, it can be small projects with simple carving as well. This is also not a craft that requires everyone to be really physically active either. Woodcarving, a very common practice in historic times, is easy for a lot of people to do. This is something you could even take to an event and do while you watch a tournament. And if someone felt their disability or restriction might make it difficult or impossible to participate, we would definitely find things they could do to participate fully. This is such a broad skillset with so many options I think there is room for everyone. You also don’t need to feel you have to have space for a shop or the resources for a lot of tools. A few simple tools can be used by someone in an apartment to do a number of projects. And what you don’t have, others in the group could help you when you need it..

A ~ Dafydd – The amount of experience needed for wood working depends on the complexity of the project being considered and if you intend to use modern tools or period tools.  Use of modern tools will simplify many projects and be less physically demanding.  Someone with minimal skills and few tools will be able to get something out of the guild however.  

Q ~ 4. What would you like to say / tell people to encourage them to join in ? 

A ~ Úlfeiðr –  First off, it is just fun! Taking a piece of wood, square and blank, and turning it into something functional and beautiful is quite wonderful. There is a lot of pride in doing that. There are so many things you can make that are very mundane that you can use in your everyday life too. So it isn’t like you would just have to do SCA projects all the time. Be creative and just have fun with ideas. The other thing is to know it isn’t just about sitting alone in your workshop toiling away. It is a social hobby too. Get together with others and share ideas and work together on projects. Share your skills to collaborate on things.

A ~ Dafydd – Many beautiful items can be made out of wood with only a little skill.  Would you like to have someone admire something and be able to tell them “I made it myself”.

Q ~ 5. What do you have planned for the future?    A. 1 month –  B.  6 month –  C. 1 year –

A ~ Úlfeiðr –  With the plague, we are on mostly on Discord now but possibly starting virtual and in person classes. A chance for you to either learn on a topic or learn a skill. Simple things you could easily do yourself right out the gate. Hopefully  a few months will find us back to being able to participate in person where we can get together at people’s homes and work on projects together, host classes, and the like. I really want to find projects that we can do as a guild to contribute to the Barony long term as well. Gifts of regalia and such. That will take time as we get going, but it is something I am definitely thinking of.

A ~ Dafydd 

         A. 1 month –  In the short term we are still fairly restricted by the plague.

        B. 6 month – Sarah suggested finding a small project that anyone should be able to do with a minimal set of hand tools and supplies.  Everyone that wants too can try their hand at it and develop their skills.

        C. 1 year – unknown

Q ~ 6. Anything else you would like to add or say to the populace ?

A ~ Úlfeiðr –  Just that I really hope to see all of you pop into a meeting on Discord and consider coming out to a shop day in the future. Join us on the Facebook group as well. We have such and amazing group in this Barony and I want to say thank you for all the support that you give to really all the guilds, but you all have been great getting this going. And even if you don’t want to join, feel free to hit us up if you have a woodworking question in your own life you could use some input on. We are certainly here to serve.

A ~ Dafydd- I would love to host another work and learning day and be able to talk shop with everyone.  In the mean time everyone keep working on your projects and let us know how you are doing.

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Thank you so much Úlfeiðr and Dafydd for sharing your thoughts and answering the questions so we may have a little more insight into this wonderful Guild . 

I can say without a doubt that the Woodworking Guild under the tutelage of these Brilliant minds is a needed place for everyone who wishes to work in this Area in any way.

From Learning about the different woods, their strengths and weaknesses. Learning the best way to use the wood as well as all the tools to begin with and work with on a higher level is huge !  Whether you are just learning, or building a masterpiece  – This is the place to start and stay !! 

See Yall Next Month and keep working on those cool things !

Yours in Service ~ Sigrun I Biarká

Minister of Arts & Sciences for Barony of Bryn Gwlad