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If you want to reach out to someone before coming to an activity,
contact the Newcomers Academy.

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This  form will allow you to contact the Newcomer's Academy.  Emails will be set to both the current Chairperson and the current Hospitaler.


The Bryn Gwlad Newcomers’ Academy (NCA) integrates interested players into the SCA by equipping them with the knowledge, connections, and friendships they need to participate and thrive in the society.

We meet newcomers at their entry into the SCA & help them understand why we love this organization. Through classes, networking, and hospitality, we strive to help newcomers find their place in the society.

The NCA is a standing committee within the Barony of Bryn Gwlad. The Chairperson is a deputy to the BG Seneschal, and the committee includes the BG Hospitaler as a member.

This was the original proposal of the NCA to the Barony of Bryn Gwlad in 2019.

NCA Committee Members
Lady Katherine de Kroepseur (Chairperson)
Lord Tuathal O’Sheils (BG Hospitaler)
Lady Sigrun de Birca
Honorable Lady Nadja Ramthuner
Lady Genevieve of Hellsgate
Master Rene Damours
Honorable Lady Asta Bassadottir

If there are any last minute changes due to circumstances we can’t control, we will update the Baronial Calendar and make an announcement on this site.

Stay Tuned for other scheduled activities!

SCA 101

Costuming and Persona

Arts & Sciences — Powerpoint Slides

Martialate Class — video or slides will be added as they become available

Events and Volunteering

Court and Awards — Powerpoint Slides