New Baronial Newsletter and Words from Their Excellencies

Greetings, Bryn Gwlad!
Her Excellency kolfinna and I submitted a letter to the populace in The Halberd that we wanted to repost here. There is also a great get to know you article about our new herald, Vászoly “Vash” Báthorij and an original poem. Thank you to Master Rene for all his work putting together our newsletter and soliciting content to make it informative and enjoyable to review.

What a whirlwind first month on the halberd thrones it has been! Her Excellency kolfinna posted a great thank you to all those who have been making sure the barony keeps chugging along after Candlemas and we would both like to reiterate that again. Thank you to all who made the Southern Heraldic Retreat a success, have been working hard to prepare for Sherwood, helped us finally get back into a storage unit, and have come up with innovative solutions to make sure our fighters can continue to prep for war. This and everything else going on in our barony is what makes us the best in the kingdom! There is so much happening in the spring, so we hope you are all pacing yourselves and making sure to keep Finding the Fun TM! If you are bored, let us know because between Sherwood, Gulf Wars, the resumption of regular dance practices, Commander’s Crucible, and more we are sure we can help you find something to make you smile.

If you do have a free weekend coming up, please consider volunteering your time at the Sherwood Forest Faire demo. It is a ton of fun and gets you into the fair for FREE! For more information please go to or speak to one of the demo coordinators, Tuathal, Gavin, Nadiha, and Saebjorn.

Considering how busy the barony is, we recognize right now isn’t the best time to add more to our plates. However, the start of a new term as B&B is a great opportunity for new beginnings, brainstorming, and creative outlets of all kinds. Once Sherwood comes to an end, we plan to coordinate several rounds of brainstorming sessions to hear from the populace about what you want to see. Remember, there are no bad ideas in a brainstorm, so bring your most optimistic dreams and let’s put them up on the board. The “how” can come later. Thank you again to everyone for your kind words and actions of support as we have stepped into this weighty role. We strive every day to make sure we don’t disappoint you.

Strength in Diversity!
Find the Fun!
Hersirkona kolfinna in kyrra Ottarsdottir and Barone Orazio d’Assisi
Baron and Baroness of Bryn Gwlad, Lord and Lady of Hellsgate

Baronial Progress through April:
March 2-3: Sherwood Demo
March 8-17: Gulf Wars XXXII
March 23-24: Sherwood Demo
March 30-31: Commander’s Crucible
April 6-7: Off (Enjoy the Eclipse!)
April 13-14: Coronation
April 20-21: Sherwood Demo
April 27-28: Off/Sherwood tear down