Momento Mori Candlemas 2021 Classes

Greetings ,
Wow ! What a great time to be a human in History !! Yule was amazing – thank you HL Goldweard for always giving 200% ! (I’m still riding the minecart weekly) lol
To update everyone ~ We now have all classes filled for our virtual Candlemas 2021 – I am so very thankful for our Barony Populace who continue always to support and teach regardless of what is happening in mundane land – we truly have the Best Barony around !!
We would still like to have a back up or 2 – just in case — If you could possibly be a back up for one of the 5 scheduled please email me at – the sign up sheet has now been locked.

Have a wonderful rest of your December , Happy celebrations of all the kinds ~ always in service ~ Sigrun