March 2021 Newsletter

The March Newsletter is now online. View the pdf here:

Minutes of Business Meeting

 Date: February 22nd 2021

Meeting Start time 7:05

notice of meeting being recorded

Officers’ Reports:

Submitted :

  • 1 Badge waiting on contact from populace member

Submitted through Heralds Point

  • 1. Name, Device, and Badge

In Commentary with the College:

  • 1 Name

Being Decided:

  • 1 Names
  • 1 Device
  • 1 Badge


  • None

Accepted on LOAR

  • 5 names

Congratulations to :

  • Daniel O’Sullivan of Beare.
  • Elizabeth Fraser.
  • Mary Fraser
  • Lucius Plaguleius Antoninus – (Barony of Stargate)
  • Anne von Wiese. Name and device.

Returns on LOAR- Zero

Herald in the PIVP (populace in the virtual park) still happening every other week

Random attendees – its fun

Event happened was awesome

  • Moving the newsletter to primarily online with pdf file for reporting requirements
  • Update of releases
  • Updated/monitored site for Candlemas — worked with event steward and class coordinator to ensure information was up-to-date
  • Updated the back end of the Bryn Gwlad Awards tables — makes it easier for B&B/Herald to add awards, display is slightly wider. Thanks to Their Excellencies, Sigrun, and Pug for providing feedback on that. Will continue to try to improve the display.
  • Edited and uploaded the class recordings from Candlemas, they are now all available here: (go to BG youtube, linked off BG website) 
  • Haven’t made progress on the survey that I wanted; will try to focus it this month
  • Due to interest from Kingdom and local webministers, I will be teaching a Virtual Academy of Service-Minded Individuals class on the automatic cross-posting that I’ve set up * As always, please reach out if there are things you want to see, want me to try, want me to change; I’ll do what I can to make the website and any other related online presences better  
  • 1 newcomer touching base on discord
  • Sherwood details to be ironed out
  • Monday ( 3/1 7pm) meeting for sherwood details including sherwood requirements

No Report

No Report

No Report

A&S Competitions: None

Awards Given: None


The Lampiers Guild, Amata, No activity for the Flameworks Guild for February. 

Bryn Gwlad Trayned Bande, Jonathan Blacklock, nothing new to report.

Cooks Guild, Jonathan Blacklock, No meetings as such, but Jonathan continues to post on the guild page of all useful and interesting items for medieval cooking as well as trying new recipes and posting the results. 

Clothiers Guild, Drika van Sitteren, In February Clothiers Guild held several meetings via Discord, Turn outs are good and Drika is keeping everyone active and sewing. Specifics include a hat making demonstrations as well as helping a returning member to research for Garb and such , all events held on Discord this month but also transcripted to facebook guild page for those who do not wish to use discord . 

Bardic Guild had its monthly discord group, and has been attending several online events as posted to the Kingdom page – 

Brewers staying active sharing recipes and hosting online classes. 

European Dance is being included in meets online with Ansteorra dance, as well as staying active virtually. 

Moneyers are limited on the ability for activity but they are brainstorming new ideas as we speak ! 

Photographers Guild has no new reports 

Scribal is continuing and has regular meets on the BG Discord site as well . 

Local A&S Classes

(Who taught, what they taught and number of attendees)

Candlemas 2021 was a huge success, we had 5 arts classes that were attended by approximately 87 people 

1. Escarlata Leticia Itzel de Granada, presenting Eating your Grief: A facetious fact finding of funerary feasting ! 

2. Anne von Wiese presenting Attaching and styling Hat feathers Demo – Learn how to attach feathers to hats and how to style them using several methods.

3. Magistra Osanna van der Linden presenting Burgundy gone Dutch; Painting illumination in Burgundy in the 1490’s 

4.  Lady Nicaize Maupetit Presenting Virtual Tasting Class – For tasting kit, 21+. Watching any age.

5.  Lady Kolfinna in kyrra Ottarsdottir presenting Introduction to Viking Wire Weaving 

Projects going on in your group

As usual, the Barony is creating art left and right.  All posts can be found here, with pictures:

  • warranting class finished last weekend
  • working to get on the account
  • contact meeting this week
  • report for january submitted
  • *no known fin. com member applications*

No Report

monthly a&s and scribal, new treasurer took over

No news to report bardshal is working on establishing a gold key. Also laying out household for group

• Candlemas thank yous!!!

• Reopening Update

◦ Remain at full stop, however some groups were manually held down due to the winter storm. Expect groups to start reopening soon if trends continue

• Equipment storage agreement is in signature phase

• No new news on the Gates Edge trailer

Google meet Discussed option to move meetings to google meet

Outreach for winter recovery

  • Baronial equipment storage
  • Updated contract
  • Just need to pick up the trailer
  • Weather issues thank you to those who helped outreach
  • If there is further needs assistance please reach out to group
  • Candlemas: thank you To Goldweard and Sigrun and Nicaize for cordial tasting for Candlemas
  • Awards