Looking for people interested in helping run Fall Baronial

Greetings Barony!

I know we are busy prepping for Gulf War, recovering from Candlemas and Southern Heraldic Retreat, and in full swing at our Sherwood Forest Faire Demo – BUT it’s also time to start thinking about planning our Fall Event.

As discussed at the Business meeting, I’m looking for people interested in autocratting. We are not going to do a bidding process like we have in the past, but trying for a more collaborative process to determine the autocrat(s). Note that we will not be collaborating with Bjornsborg this year – though that’s a high probability for 2025!!!

We have a site (Nolte Island) and a date (Oct 4-6, 2024). If you are interested in autocratting or co autocratting, please email or message me by 3/9. If you are interested in other primary roles (feast steward, for example), let me know that as well. If you have theme ideas – please share!

My email is seneschal@bryn-gwlad.ansteorra.org

Thank you all for your service to our barony!

Nicaize, Seneschal of Bryn Gwlad