Latest Announcements from Populace in the Park – May 21st

Good evening to you all from your Hersirkona!

We did our usually 730pm round of announcements at the park tonight, and we wanted to send them out as a post here so that folks who couldn’t make it (or didn’t write them down) can hear the news!

  1. Volunteer Needed! We are looking for someone to volunteer for the Office of Exchequer for our group. Exchequer is the financial officer for the group, and we have lots of folks here who have experience with the job and can answer questions. You can read the Handbook for the Exchequer here, and you can watch the Exchequer Financial Policy Training Class here. If this sounds like a job you’d be willing and able to do, submit an application today!
  2. Steppes Warlord is upon us! This will be a weekend event from Friday the 24th through Sunday the 26th. Orazio and I will be setting up a baronial encampment and all are invited to join. Sign up for the camp and meals here if you’re interested. We’ll provide kitchen, dinners for Fri and Sat, common space/shade in camp as well as general hospitality items like water, snacks, electrolytes, etc.
  3. Demo on Monday the 27th! Our Neighbors in the Stronghold of Hellsgate will be doing a Demo at the Walker Honey Farm Artisan Market. This will be located at the Dancing Bee Winery in Rogers, TX. Setup is from 6-9am; the demo runs from 9am to 3pm and there will be a booth for artisans to demonstrate and teach their skills and a small list field for combat demonstrations. If you want to help out with the demo, please contact Sigurd Hrafnsson to sign up.
  4. Southern Maker’s Night on Monday June 3rd! This will be hosted by Cory of Bryn Gwlad. The address and parking/pet info can be found on our Bryn Gwlad calendar. If you want to try your hand at leatherworking, Cory has a supply of small leather pieces and tools to teach you!

Stay cool in this warmer weather, hydrate, and have a great rest of your week!

Hersirkona kolfinna inn kyrra Ottarsdottir
Baroness of Bryn Gwlad