Just a reminder from the Herald

Greetings I hope this crisp December finds you all very well . As we end the year I just wanted to Thank y’all for a wonderful year .. The Pandemic has changed the way we do all the things but a lot of the changes are so much for the better – I cannot wait to see what the next year holds !!

Now I want to remind all those who submit Names, Devices, Badges through your Barony Herald – once it goes from LOI (letter of Intent) within our Kingdom it goes to open commentary – We can and do make comments and respond to any issues that arise at this point – Next it goes to Laurel closed commentary – I can SEE where it is , but I am not privy to any commentary or action beyond this point . Any issues that are questioned or arise are sent directly to the Submitter (YOU) . If I have done your documentation and /or art work –please include me (by emailing me) so I can address and help reconcile these issues, If you did your own documentation and/or artwork — I can still help you reconcile any issues – if we don’t respond quickly you will get pended and eventually returned – It never hurts and always helps to ask the Herald who helped you submit , what the next move should be – sometimes its just a small matter and sometimes one that takes research .. We are here to help from submission to registration ! With you all the Way ! See Y’all at Yule !