June ~ Guild of the Month

Greetings Bryn Gwlad and Friends, Today we introduce you to  The Bryn Gwlad Dance Guild ~ The purpose is to Highlight the guild and its leaders and show what it is all about. 

The Bryn Gwlad Dance Guild 

Guild lead is Lord Tuathal O’Sheils along with Deputy Her Excellency, Mistress Myfanwy Ferch Eifion

The Dance Guild is set up and run by populace from the Barony of Bryn Gwlad, for the Barony and its friends.  It is a resource for beginning and continued help in all areas of Dance in the time frame of the SCA ~ from around 400AD to 1600AD. It is a place to ask and learn about the art of Dance and receive instruction and support for all.  Wether you are a Newcomer or seasoned old timer, there is always information and help for the asking. 

I am very excited to be able to interview  Lord Tuathal and Mistress Myfanwy to see how they personally feel about the things they offer and share with the populace.  

  1. How long have you been the lead for this Guild and why did you volunteer for this?  A- Tuathal-  I have been lead for the Bryn Gwlad Dance guild since 2018 and I volunteered due to a love for dance and educating others on the subject of period dance..   A- Myfanwy – I volunteered for deputy leader to make certain we continue to have dance in our Barony.  
  2. What kind of things do you think the Barony can gain from attending/joining this guild?   A- Tuathal- I think that everyone in the barony can gain a lot from participating in the dance guild. It is good exercise and dance is shown to help with memory, timing based activities, coordination, and balance. Dance was done by all sorts of people throughout the SCA’s time periods allowing people to both participate in a form of art, and, in many cases, allow community bonding opportunities and fun!   A- Myfanwy – The nice thing about the dancing is that you do not need any special equipment to dance.  It is also a great community of showing all the different communities in our barony all working together. 

3. Do you have to have any previous experience to be able to join in and get something from this guild?    A- Tuathal- I Absolutely no prior experience in dance or SCA activities is necessary to join our guild or begin doing period dance in general. Most of the dances we do are quite simple and only require the basic ability to walk and a desire to learn. Some more difficult dances may require more activity but we will ensure barony members are prepared for any dances that they do. With regard to people who have physical disabilities I would love to welcome them to join us in the dance guild. In my years as a ballroom dance instructor I have spent alot of time working with people with a wide range of physical impairments (missing or disabled limbs, partial paralysis, parkinson’s disease, hearing impairments, and visual impairments to name a few things I have learned to help work with during my teaching career) and helped them learn to dance and I am confident that we can accommodate people’s desire to learn period dance as well and I am prepared to make modifications necessary to get anyone who has a passion for dance involved.     A- Myfanwy – You do not need any previous experience!  You also do not need a dance partner!  People dance with everybody. 

4. What would you like to say / tell people to encourage them to join in?     A- Tuathal- I think that Dance guild can help anyone make new friends, learn a new skill, start to get in shape, help build coordination for fighters, or just learn to express themselves in a new way.  Many people can find dance intimidating when they initially watch skilled dancers perform but I assure anyone who wants to participate that you too can learn to do dance and that we will help you learn and grow in the art. The dance guild and those within it always welcome new people and love having more people to share our passion with. A- Myfanwy – Dancing is a great way to meet people as you do not need to do anything other than get up and move to a pattern on the floor.  All choreographies are taught to the detail that is needed by the attendants. 

5. What do you have planned for the future ?         a. 1 month –        b. 6 month –         c. 1 year  –  

A- Tuathal-  a. In one month’s time I hope to have a new site for dance and be looking at opening up our first, in person, dance practice since the beginning of the pandemic. masks will be required to start off but I hope that does not discourage people from attending.

    b. At the end of the next 6 months I hope to be preparing dancers for the performance at the next Candlemas, dancing at yule, and encouraging them to participate in dance activities at Stepps 12th night (a dance competition in the barony of the steppes) and dance at Candlemas.

    c. In 1 year I hope to be moving into a more normal feel for dance guild and branching out to train and include more, new, teachers at our dance practices. As well as getting dancers to participate in the Sherwood Forest Faire demo next year.

6. Anything else you would like to add or say to the populace ? 

A- Tuathal-  Come and join the fun with the Bryn Gwlad Dance guild, whether you are a first timer or an experience dancer, young or old, in shape or not we’d love to have you join us in the BG Dance guild to learn and grow the art of dance in our barony and the Kingdom of Ansteorra!

A- Myfanwy-  I look forward to us being able to dance together!!

I would Like to Thank Lord Tuathal OSheils and Her Excellency, Mistress Myfanwy Ferch Eifion for your time in answering these questions and for your dedication to supporting the Arts and Dance in the Kingdom of Ansteorra and our Barony !

I have totally enjoyed this interview and have learned so much and I hope YOU the Barony and friends see this as exciting as I do – if You haven’t decided to join in on this fun and learning – please check out the Guild page on the Bryn Gwlad website – https://ansteorra.org/bryn-gwlad/guilds-and-activities/european-dance/ 

As well as their Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/339555456570174) to get involved and see what you can do ! 

Resources can also be found here –

Zero limitations ! Regardless of your physical state there is a place for you here ! 

Come one and come all to join us at the Bryn Gwlad Dance guild !! Where there is something for every body !

Thank you all for doing everything you do for our Kingdom and Our Fine Barony of Bryn Gwlad ~ Sigrun de Birca Baronial MoAS