In Search Teachers or Activity Hosts

Good evening, Bryn Gwlad!

We are fast approaching our Fall Baronial Event! Do you have your garb planned out? Camera ready?* Awards Recommendations Sumbitted?

Well we have one more thing to ask of you! We are looking for folks who are willing to teach classes — this could be anything from doing a play/pause/play of a class you’ve taught before, to a cook-along/dance-along/taste-along activity, to a demo, to running a D&D game.

Do any of those sound fun?

Sign up to teach a class or activity!

Both Master Rene Damours and I are available to help you with any and all technical questions and prep. We will do what we can to keep this as fun and low stress as possible.

Please consider signing up, and Definitely check out the event page!

In service,

Lady kolfinna inn kyrra Ottarsdottir