In-person events are happening! Here is what you need to fill out to participate.

Greetings Bryn Gwlad!

In order to comply with society requirements for in person activities, I have created the following form that all participants will need to fill out when attending any local meeting, guild event, practice, or revel. The form asks for your SCA and mundane name as well as a good contact number and the event you attended. This information will be kept on the secure seneschal google drive and will only be accessed should I be informed that someone tested positive after attending event. This form will also be available on the Seneschal page on the website.

Please help gently remind each other to log your participation and help us ensure that we can keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible and are in compliance with all the requirements needed to maintain our renewed in person activities.

In joyful service,
Orazio d’Assisi
BG Seneschal

PiP and Practices on 1 June 2021
PiP and Practices on 1 June 2021
Photo Credit: kolfinna inn kyrra Ottardottir

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