In-person activity update

Greetings Bryn Gwlad!

I have an update on the Baronial reopening plan. Shortly after business meeting the southern regional seneschal received an appeal and, in consultation with the kingdom seneschal and Crown, decided to approve the appeal. This means that the Baronial reopening policy has been overturned. I have reached out to the martials and the minister of arts and sciences and you should expect to hear from them in the next few days concerning whether they are resuming activities (as allowed by the kingdom policy).

I would like to reiterate a few important things:
– No one, participant or officer should feel obligated to attend/host any activity. If you receive pressure, overt or implied, from anyone to attend an in person activity please ask that person to contact the seneschal and inform me immediately.
– All activities must still adhere to the kingdom reopening guidelines and state and local guidelines.
– At this time PIP is still cancelled as kingdom has not published guidance for the resumption of in person meetings or general socialization. I have reached out for additional guidance on this.

If anyone has any questions please contact me at

Happy Halloween!
Don Orazio d’Assisi
Seneschal, Bryn Gwlad