I’m New! What do I do?

So, you’re new to the SCA and in the Bryn Gwlad (BG) Area?  Heard about us online and want to see what this is all about?  Want to meet people?  Learn skills? Start living the dream?

Well, here are a few resources that you can get started:

0. Check out the website

If you haven’t done so already, check out the website!  There’s lots of information on there about local activities, officers, and events that you can read about.


1. Talk with people

Discord — this is one of the platforms our Barony uses to talk. We have virtual hangouts, classes, and more!

Facebook — this another platform our Barony uses to talk.  We chat, ask questions, plan events, brainstorm activities, and more! 

If you haven’t been there already, check out the BG Facebook page and some of our local guild pages:

BG Main Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/BrynGwlad/?ref=br_rs

BG Newcomer’s Academy: https://www.facebook.com/groups/645321775890553/?ref=br_rs

Guild Pages and links to FB Groups: Guilds and Activities

Even if you don’t post or comment, following these pages is an easy way to keep in touch with what activities are in the works.

2. Meet people

The core of our Society is people.  We have people in the Barony, and we want to meet you!  

The Barony has a couple regular activities we encourage new folks to come out to.  For details, check out the baronial website, http://bryn-gwlad.ansteorra.org/meetings.php or FB page.  I’ve got the main ones listed here:

Populace in the Park (currently virtual) — this is our weekly populace gathering time, chat with us in voice or or video, say hi, ask questions, geek out!

Monthly Populace/Business Meeting — this is the Barony’s time to meet, eat, and talk about the local activities that happened over the past month, officer reports, things that are in the works, things we’d like to see, and more.  Meet people, share your interests, and find out what others are into!

Newcomer Academy — This is a 6-course class that is designed to integrate you into the SCA by equipping you with the knowledge, connections, and friendships you need to participate and thrive in the society.  There’s one more class left in this run of the course!  Hope to see you there!  https://ansteorra.org/bryn-gwlad/newcomer-academy/

3. Learn skills

Interested in clothing? Metalworking? Brewing? Fiber arts? Leatherworking? Singing? Dancing? Project Management (yes, you can do that in the SCA)? 

Well, guilds, practices, and local activities are the places to seek out and learn new skills.

All of events can be found either on the Baronial calendar.

4. Come to weekend-long events

Events are the bread and butter of our society.  These are the times and places when we can immerse ourselves in the Dream of the SCA — recreating times and places long since past.  Want to come to an event?  The best place to find out which ones are happening is the Kingdom Website

That has a master list of all of the events happening in the Kingdom.  You can also find events on the Bryn Gwlad website and FB page (see links above). 

If you’ve never been to an activity or an event, or want to come out to something and don’t know what that entails, reach out to our local group.  Mention it at a practice or a guild night or on facebook.  We will help get you to the activities you want to be at and find the things you enjoy!

2 thoughts on “I’m New! What do I do?”

  1. Here are a couple of files in the NEWCOMERS section of my Florilegium files that newcomers might find of use.http://www.florilegium.org/files/NEWCOMERS/idxnew.html
    Evnt-Etiquete-art (19K) 7/21/13 “Event Etiquette” by Master Donal Mac Ruiseart.
    Fabric-Stores-art (8K) 8/22/06 “Don’t Fear the Fabric Store” by THL Rosalyn MacGregor.
    How-2-get-2do-art (12K) 4/23/11 “How to get to do things in the SCA” by Duchess Willow de Wisp, OL, OP, OR.
    No-Ck-Potluck-art (7K) 4/25/15 “No Cook Potluck Contributions for the Culinary Inept and Others” by HL Rycheza z Polska.
    No-Cook-PotLk-art (6K) 5/15/14 “Period Potluck Contributions That Require No Cooking” by HL Eulalia de Ravenfeld.
    SCA-Feasts-art (16K) 3/10/12 “Orts It All About, Alfred? – (Attending your first year or two of SCA Feasts)” by Lady Caterina della

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