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  • Heraldry Class Zoom

    July 15th 7:00pm

    Zoom class for information Heraldry style – questions about a NAME ? DEVICE? BADGE? VOLUNTEERING? VOICE HERALDING ? SUBMISSIONS? Come visit – see whats happening

    Sigrun de Birca is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

    Time: Jul 15, 2020 07:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

    Join Zoom Meeting

    Meeting ID: 410 126 0148
    Password: BGHerald

  • Kingdom Virtual Court — This Saturday!

    Tune in for Kingdom court this Saturday, 11 June, where the King and Queen of Ansteorra will recognize the great works, skills, and deeds of the populace of Ansteorra!

    Court will be streamed via the Kingdom Facebook Page starting at 4pm Central!

    To find the link and details, you can always check our Baronial Calendar

  • Bryn Gwlad Halberd – July 2020

    The June newsletter has been published!
    Check it out for baronial updates, announcements, and more!

    Bryn Gwlad Halberd – July 2020

  • King’s College: Online Event tomorrow, 13 June!

    Greetings unto the friends and populace of Bryn Gwlad!

    Tomorrow, Saturday the 13th of June, is Kings College! Kings College is a class-focused event where you can attend discussions and demonstrations ranging from studies of historical events to how-to guides for historical candies to round tables discussing running events in the SCA.

    There are 12 different classes being offered every hour and a half from 9am to 5pm (with an hour break for lunch at 11:30) so I am certain you can find something you are interested in. All times listed are CST

    The event is being hosted through eventsxd and the link is below. You can currently go review the schedule which is both in table form for easy viewing as well in long hand with a description of the class and the teacher’s name. The hyperlinks for the classes won’t go live until 8:30am Saturday, but if you create an account now you can make an agenda so you won’t waste a single class slot. Please note that participants will be required to register (or sign in) via eventsxd for each class attended.

    At 5pm the classes will end and their Majesties Jason and Margherita, King and Queen of Ansteorra will hold a virtual court that will be streamed via the Ansteorran facebook group. Come join to see members of the populace recognized and for the swearing of fealty by the Masters of Defense.

    See you in the classroom!

    Don Orazio d’Assisi
    Seneschal of Bryn Gwlad

    Link to the event website

    Link to the Ansteorran FB group for virtual court

  • Purpose for the DEI Blog

    “The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Office of the SCA is committed to promoting the values of inclusion throughout the SCA. The focus is equity, which is just and fair inclusion into an organization in which all can participate, prosper, benefit, and reach their full potential.”

    What do “diversity”, “equity”, and “inclusion” even mean?

    Diversity means the presence of difference, or variety, within our groups. We each have different characteristics, preferences, abilities, strengths, weaknesses, labels, cultures, and beliefs. In the SCA, we do not allow something as organic as variety to hinder the very organization we love and support.

    Equity means equal access. When people come together in groups, some have advantages while others have disadvantages. In context of this office, equity means a process to ensure that everyone has equal access to the same opportunities in the SCA. It also means being treated with the same courtesy, respect, and dignity as everyone else, no matter how you are different.

    Inclusion means being welcomed and truly valued for what you contribute. It means that no matter your race, culture, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or able-ness, you are accepted. Verna Myers explains, “Diversity is being invited to the party. Inclusion is being asked to dance.” This office will be using the framework of Inclusive Excellence.

    What does that mean for us?

    First, that we are aware of issues going on in the world we live in and we know that our organization is not insulated from the impacts of implicit bias.

    Second, that to be successful we must welcome and value new and existing members who are different from 90% of our populace.

    Third, that discrimination, sexual harassment, bullying, and hate speech will not be tolerated in our Society.

    Lastly, that we take action. We value chivalry and live by those tenets we claim to hold as ideal. When a participant violates the code of conduct we require, we let them know so they can adjust their behavior. “If you see something, say something” can be applied here.

    How do we support and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion while we play in the SCA?

    First, Use the information here and on the Society DEI page to educate yourself on bias, cultural intelligence, and inclusive excellence.

    Second, Understand that bias exists and it doesn’t make one a bad person; it is simply something to be aware of and to challenge so that you don’t act on bias, mistreat any member of the SCA, or violate our laws or policies.

    Third, remember that our job as society members isn’t to judge others. Rather, it is to be clear on what actions are and are not acceptable. Saying things like “we don’t treat people that way in the SCA”, “that violates our core values”, or “that action/statement isn’t acceptable” can be simple ways speak out. If you have trouble or feel uncomfortable, report the incident to your local Seneschal.

    Where do we go from here?

    This post is the start of the DEI Blog. We intend to use this blog to help cultivate a climate where our members are treated fairly and are able to thrive in a welcoming atmosphere.

  • Bryn Gwlad Halberd – June 2020

    The June newsletter has been published!
    Check it out for baronial updates, announcements, and more!

    Bryn Gwlad Halberd – June 2020

  • 18 May Populace Meeting – Watch Here!

    The 18 May Populace meeting was recorded and is now available online for people to watch! The link below will direct you to the Zoom Recording. You do not need a Zoom account to watch the video. It’s approximately 56 minutes long.

    The full video is available here!
    Password: 3j*r48.f

  • Upcoming Activities in May!

    Good morrow to the Barony! We have a few activities that have been added to the calendar I want to draw your attention to. Check them out below!

    19 May (tonight) – Populace in the Virtual Park
    1900 – 2100 CST
    Voice/video chat in the Baronial Discord Server

    24 May – Flameworks Guild Watch Party
    1400 – 1530 CST
    Watch party in the Flameworks Facebook Group
    Or join the class directly from Zoom – details will be added to the event fb page

    25 May – Deadline to submit content for the June Halberd
    Midnight is the deadline
    Contact the Chronicler with questions or to submit content

    26 May – Populace in the Virtual Park
    1900 – 2100 CST
    Voice/video chat in the Baronial Discord Server

    28 May – Clothiers Guild Virtual Hangout
    1800 – 2100 CST
    Voice/video chat in the Baronial Discord Server

    31 May – Bryn Gwlad Trained Band Meeting
    1900 – 2000 CST
    Voice/video chat via Zoom – discussing uniforms, kit, musketry and more!

    31 May – Last day to submit applications for Rapier Marshal
    Visit the Officer’s Page to find the application form

  • Bryn Gwlad Halberd – May 2020

    The May newsletter has been published!
    Check it out for baronial updates, announcements, and more!


  • Fall Baronial Update – 7 May

    Greetings unto the Barony of Bryn Gwald!

    I am excited and honored to have been chosen by the Barony to fill the role of Event Steward for our upcoming Fall Baronial event. I recognize that we 5 months away from the event, and much could change in Austin, the surrounding cities, and the society between now and then that could impact this event. I intend to keep that close in mind as I continue forward, and I hope that this will be a fun and rewarding process regardless of what the final product will be!

    My goal is to create an environment where we can learn, create, and play in the Dream that is the SCA!

    I started the bare bones for the event website. Check it out if you’d like 🙂 I’m planning to keep pretty much all of the event resources accessible from that page. As much for my own sanity as I figure it’ll be useful for people to see what’s what. Gonna make a “contact the event steward” form soon so that it’ll be easy for people to contact me.

    Next things I’m working on will be updating/fleshing out the theme ideas I’ve had so far and making those accessible to everyone. After that will be reaching out to champions and officers/guild leaders, and then hopefully scheduling a brainstorming session for the barony.

    My goal is that by the end of May we will have a pretty good handle on what in-person competitions we want to plan for, what virtual alternatives we want to aim for, and a solid idea (or at least starting ideas) for how we want to incorporate the theme into our event.

    Lady kolfinna inn kyrra Otarsdottir
    Event Steward for Fall Baronial 2020
    Bryn Gwlad Webminister