Hardened Leather Armour and Resources to Make It

These are a few resources shared y Bryn Gwlad’s own Sir Maelgwyn. These should help you in your quest to make your own leather armour.

First, this article at Greaving has good coverage of making greaves!

There are seven steps to the grieving process:  shock, pain, anger, depression, hope, reconstruction and acceptance.  Many of these steps also apply to getting hit on the shins.

Quote from : http://questingforthedragon.blogspot.com/2012/01/greaving.html

Also, check out this article on making 14th Century Hardened Leather Shynbalds by Maelgwyn Dda: 14thcLeather.docx

This lower leg armour is based on examples depicted in early 14thcentury artwork. Ornately decorated armour of hardened leather appears as a supplemental armour worn over mail at the leading edge of the transition from mail to plate in the late 13thcentury.After the mid 14thcentury steel plate will supplant this armour on the battlefield but the lighter leather armour continues to be used in tournaments, particularly in blunt weapon or club tournaments, through the end of the 16thcentury.

Maelgwyn Dda, 14thcLeather.docx

and this article discussing Design Elements in Medieval Leather Work.docx

This class will compare several surviving examples of 14th and 15th century medieval tooled leather to understand common elements and distinctive features in their decorative design. Comparisons will be made with other contemporary art forms including illuminated manuscripts, paintings and heraldry. I hope that students will gain a better appreciation of “period” vs “non-period” design and be able to sketch out a design for anew project that is in keeping with historical examples.

Maelgwyn Dda, Design Elements in Medieval Leather Work.docx

And last but not least, a picture of needles!

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