Halberd Minister of Arts & Science accepting Applications

Greetings my Friends

My term as your Halberd MoAS is up Feb 2 2023- please go to the Kingdom seneschal page and apply for this position and support your Barony !! We cannot succeed without volunteers and officers to hold these positions. https://ansteorra.org/seneschal/apply-for-an-office/

Let me say when I took this office I was so very nervous, I had very little experience in doing A&S, and had no idea exactly what being a Minister of A&S was. I quickly fell into a pattern of utilizing my strengths to support the A&S that flows through our Beautiful Barony !! I have enjoyed every moment of supporting your Arts, Of Supporting your guilds, and being a cheerleader for all the bountiful talent we have here !! I have even stretched my wings and learned some art myself through the teachings of you all ! ~ This has been the best 2 years and I love each of you very much !! I am always here if you have any questions, just DM me ! Vivat Bryn Gwlad !!

Always in Service

Fru Sigrun S. i Biarka ~ Halberd MoAS