We are photographers of all skill levels cultivating the craft of photography in the context of SCA events and activities. This includes technical skills (cameras, lighting, post-processing, printing), aesthetics and interpersonal skills.

Anyone practicing photography in the SCA context is welcome to participate!

Need to contact a Guild Leader? Email our Minister of Arts and Science to get in touch!

Photography serves a wide range of purposes in the SCA.
-Documenting events
-Documenting crafts, projects, objects and clothing
-Research (such as items in museums)
-Recording SCA History
-Marketing or promoting the SCA
-Creating art with photography as the medium

If you are interested in pursuing any of these goals, we are here to help. Our guild maintains a collaborative, supportive environment. Constructive feedback is a helpful part of getting better as artists. Feedback should be thoughtful, kind, constructive and useful for the person receiving it. If you are unsure, run it by someone you trust or a moderator first.

Maybe Knott
Photography Guild Principal
PrincipalMaybe Knott
DeputyOsana van der Linden
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