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  • Tuesday Activity Lineup – 4 Aug

    Looking for some SCA time tonight? There are a few things you can jump into!

    Things happening tonight, 4 August 2020:

    Things coming up this week:

  • Cordial Tasting – 27 June – Limited Spots!

    Hello fellow brewers!

    I have recently gotten back into brewing and would like to hold an informal tasting over zoom if anyone would be interested. This is for The Austin area. Nicaize and Elen will be getting the supplies from me and passing them out to those interested. The zoom get together would be for Saturday, June 27. Donations via PayPal of 5 dollars are appreciated [and can be arranged via this post in the Bryn Gwlad Brewing Guild]. You will be tasting three cordials and be getting a bag of small tasting bottles. As of right now we have six spots open. All are welcome to be on the zoom get together even if you did not get a cordial pack. Households should have enough of small tastings for 2-3. Please [reach out via the Brewing Guild Facebook Group] if you are interested so we can coordinate the drop locations (there will be two-one for South Austin and one for North.) For more information please feel free to reach out. Nicaize will be hosting the zoom get together.

    Thank you for your time,
    Kalista Z Rostova

    Join the Brewing Guild Facebook Group to chat with the guild and find out about more upcoming activities.

    Check out this post on the Brewing Guild Page to contact the tasting coordinator.

  • King’s College: Online Event tomorrow, 13 June!

    Greetings unto the friends and populace of Bryn Gwlad!

    Tomorrow, Saturday the 13th of June, is Kings College! Kings College is a class-focused event where you can attend discussions and demonstrations ranging from studies of historical events to how-to guides for historical candies to round tables discussing running events in the SCA.

    There are 12 different classes being offered every hour and a half from 9am to 5pm (with an hour break for lunch at 11:30) so I am certain you can find something you are interested in. All times listed are CST

    The event is being hosted through eventsxd and the link is below. You can currently go review the schedule which is both in table form for easy viewing as well in long hand with a description of the class and the teacher’s name. The hyperlinks for the classes won’t go live until 8:30am Saturday, but if you create an account now you can make an agenda so you won’t waste a single class slot. Please note that participants will be required to register (or sign in) via eventsxd for each class attended.

    At 5pm the classes will end and their Majesties Jason and Margherita, King and Queen of Ansteorra will hold a virtual court that will be streamed via the Ansteorran facebook group. Come join to see members of the populace recognized and for the swearing of fealty by the Masters of Defense.

    See you in the classroom!

    Don Orazio d’Assisi
    Seneschal of Bryn Gwlad

    Link to the event website

    Link to the Ansteorran FB group for virtual court

  • Upcoming Activities in May!

    Good morrow to the Barony! We have a few activities that have been added to the calendar I want to draw your attention to. Check them out below!

    19 May (tonight) – Populace in the Virtual Park
    1900 – 2100 CST
    Voice/video chat in the Baronial Discord Server

    24 May – Flameworks Guild Watch Party
    1400 – 1530 CST
    Watch party in the Flameworks Facebook Group
    Or join the class directly from Zoom – details will be added to the event fb page

    25 May – Deadline to submit content for the June Halberd
    Midnight is the deadline
    Contact the Chronicler with questions or to submit content

    26 May – Populace in the Virtual Park
    1900 – 2100 CST
    Voice/video chat in the Baronial Discord Server

    28 May – Clothiers Guild Virtual Hangout
    1800 – 2100 CST
    Voice/video chat in the Baronial Discord Server

    31 May – Bryn Gwlad Trained Band Meeting
    1900 – 2000 CST
    Voice/video chat via Zoom – discussing uniforms, kit, musketry and more!

    31 May – Last day to submit applications for Rapier Marshal
    Visit the Officer’s Page to find the application form

  • Learn How to Make Athol Brose

    This class will be virtual and will be available to view after, so if you can’t make it, no worries!

    Atholl Brose (or Athol Brose, Athole Brose) is a Scottish drink made by mixing oatmeal, honey, whisky, and sometimes cream (particularly on festive occasions). This class will go over how to make this delicious drink and the different variations.

    What you need for the class:
    – Whiskey
    – Oatmeal (preferably plain but whatever you have will work)
    – Honey
    – Secret Ingredient
    – Silver Spoon (optional)

    This class will be taught by Mistress Willoc.

    Kassandra de Haas
    Brewing Guild Principal

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