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These rules are specifically for local (non-event) A&S classes for SCA participants (not demonstrations for the general public). Other rules may also apply. These only pertain to in-person meetings.

Virtual classes, get togethers, etc. are HIGHLY encouraged and unrestricted.

No one is required to attend a class or meeting if they feel uncomfortable. No one should attend a class or meeting if they feel unwell. If anyone is bullied or harassed for their attendance or non-attendance at ANY SCA event, class, meeting, or practice – please report it immediately, because it will NOT be tolerated.

  1. If you are meeting in your own home, with those you feel comfortable with – this has never been restricted, and won’t be. These should not be announced to the public beforehand, and should not be considered or presented as an official SCA class or meeting in any way (before, during, or afterwards). Be safe, and follow your own judgement.
  2. Gatherings should ONLY be done “in-person” if it is unworkable to do so virtually.
  3. Gatherings that fall under this guidance should have a specific A&S focus – not “gab sessions”. Other gatherings are not under the purview of the MoAS – Populace meetings, etc.
  4. Outdoors is better than indoors for gatherings. Social distancing should be followed as much as possible.
  5. Masks that cover the mouth and nose will be enforced for ALL participants at all times (as per the Seneschal). Failure to do so can lead to expulsion from the activity, among other penalties.
  6. NO singing or loud projection in an enclosed space – this has been shown to be dangerous.
  7. For hand’s-on class-like activities, limit the number of participants (avg. 4-6). Be VERY AWARE of proximity and exposure time between all participants. There should be only participants present – no spectators.

These rules are still in effect for those fully vaccinated against Covid-19. The SCA is NOT requiring proof of vaccination. Remember to let your local MoAS know about your A&S activities (individual, virtual, or in-person), so they can put it on the calendar and in their monthly reports.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact

Last Updated: 22 Feb, 2022

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