Greetings Barony – News from the Cooks Guild

Alas our leader for the Cooks Guild ~Johnathan Blacklock~ is needing to step down. Lord Blacklock has been a driving force for this guild, has moved it forward in the culinary Kingdom and given it LIFE ! He will be greatly missed at the helm , but he is one of us , so I know his contributions will continue on a Halberd level ! Huzzah for a job well done, and good luck on New adventures !

I am very excited to announce , and would like the Barony to Please Welcome ~ Meadhbh nī Ruaidh óChonnemara ~ Our new Cooks Guild leader ! Thank you for stepping into this role and supporting your Barony !! We look forward to many tantalizing and tasty expositions !! Huzzah !!!

I leave you with a quote from Jacques Pepin (French Chef)

~ If you have extraordinary bread, and extraordinary butter.. Its hard to beat bread and butter ~

L Sigrun MoAS Barony of Bryn Gwlad

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