Get Ready for Gulf Wars!

Greetings Bryn Gwlad, Hellsgate, and Bardshal!

Sharpen your swords and begin provisioning, because it is time to start prepping for war!

First things first, if you are joining us at war and have not joined the BG/HG Goes to War Facebook group, please do.  That will be the hub of communication for all things Gulf Wars.  It is also where we are posting our sign up form so that we don’t flood the main group feed with war preparations.  If you are not on facebook and need the link to the sign up form please reach out to us at or

Second, thank you to everyone who filled out the pulse survey concerning whether to open up the camp to the Barony of the Steppes and have a joint encampment.  The results were:

Yes: 41%
Maybe/Neutral: 29.5%
No: 29.5%

There were several concerns listed by those who voted either maybe or no that we would like to address.

Q: Will there be enough room?
A: This year the Fire Drakes are moving to a new camping spot, significantly opening up our camping space.  Steppes is anticipating between 10-20 members attending that would camp with us if we host a joint encampment, which should even out.

Q: Why don’t we offer it up to Southern groups first?
A: We spoke with several southern groups (Shadowlands and Bjornsborg) about the possibility of hosting a joint camp and were turned down as they already had land plans.  Steppes on the other hand has not had an encampment at Gulf Wars for several years and specifically asked us if we would like to host a joint camp.

Q: Will the baronies be intermixed?
A: Our plan is to do our best to keep groups, households, and whoever else requests to be next to each other together with one large communal area and camp amenities.
We feel these answers address the concerns that were raised in the survey results and after discussing it further and given the majority of yes/maybe responses, we are going to move forward with camping with the Steppes.  If you have any further questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We would love to discuss it with you.

In Service,
kolfinna and Orazio