From Heraldic Events to Banners and Lights – The Populace of Bryn Gwlad ROCKS!

Greetings and good afternoon to the fair populace of Bryn Gwlad, Hellsgate, and Beyond!

It is with a happy heart that I, Hersirkona kolfinna, write to you this day to highlight the amazing efforts of our populace members that Barone Orazio and I have witnessed, observed, or heard (Loud) praises of recently.

Herald Badge Southern’ish Heraldic Retreat

Our Heralds pulled out all the stops this past weekend and hosted a hugely successful Southern’ish Heraldic Retreat Event. This event was a lecture-style event — modern clothes, one room, training, activities, and lunch.

Both Barone Orazio and I were called away to family matters and were sadly unable to attend this delightful event. However, I have seen HIGH PRAISES for the event and the staff, both in our Baronial Facebook Group and in our Kingdom Facebook Group, that I want to echo and highlight. There were many, many people who helped make this event a success, and I’m not leaving anyone out on purpose. If I miss anyone that you think should be celebrated, I invite you to share your words in our Facebook or Disocrd or send your words to me or Orazio.

I want to recognize and thank Sigrun Í Biarká for all of her work as the Event Steward for this event. Her communication, preparation, and true joy and love of Heraldry combined to produce an amazing event full of smiling faces and happy heralds.

Events are built of many small teams working throughout the day from the gate, to the kitchen, to the classrooms. Many thank yous to the gate coordinator, Elizabeth Fraser, and her team, Charla and Meadhbh.

I’ve heard nothing but praise and happy belly hums coming from the Lunch at the event. Thank you to the Lunch coordinator, Valgark of York, and his team, Meadhbh, Alan, Dan, Thorbjorn, Calvin, Johnathan, and Rosalind. Many hands make light work in the kitchen, and these many hands made great work, too!

Thank you to everyone who taught classes and to everyone who attended. This event had 40 attendees, including many of our own populace members and heralds. Thank you to Vash, Gavin, Liam, Estienne, and Escarlata for bringing your love of heraldry and your service to this event.

Image of three castle towers Sherwood Demo Prep

With a successful event behind us, there is still more amazing work going on in our Barony. There has been a constant buzz of activity in preparation for the annual Sherwood Forest Faire Demo. This demo is an 8-week long demo that requires volunteers all day Saturday and Sunday each weekend. This demo is truly a labor of love by our populace and the surrounding groups that helps us recruit for our organization and expand our community.

I’d like to recognize a few people now and shine a light on some of the work that has been done so far. Thank you to the demo coordinators, Tuathal, Nadja, Saebjorn, and Gavin. We are only TWO weeks away from the demo, and already you all have been working around the clock to get volunteers, equipment, and communicate with Sherwood in order to get us in a good position when the demo begins.

Specifically related to demo prep, I’d like to thank Madalena de Orozco for working so hard to get us a full lineup of A&S classes for the demo. They have been getting volunteers from around the Kingdom to teach a class on each of our demo days, and I just know the faire patrons will enjoy this.

There has also been a herculean effort for silk banner painting in preparation for the faire. As incentive and gratitude for the other SCA groups who claim a weekend of the demo, our populace is making large banners designed based on the group’s badge and/or device. Thank you to Dae and Saebjorn who offered their homes for the project days, Genevieve who donated large frames for stretching silk, and the many volunteers who helped design and paint including Nadja, Tuathal, Vash, Escarlata, Clary, Ceara, Gilly, Madalena, Gavin, and Wentiliana.

Image of crossed swords above rays of light The Battle with Lights

While I’m expressing my gratitude, I would be remiss to not recognize Nicaize, Nadja, and Wilhelm for their outpouring of work as we have been battling the lights at the Beverly Sheffield Park. If you weren’t aware, our usual spot for practice is normally lit by large tennis/basketball court lights. But the last few weeks, those light have not been turning on. Nicaize has done an amazing and persistent job communicating with the City to alert them of the issue and get repairs on their radar. Nadja and Wilhelm immediately started working on back-up lighting options and have made it so that we can still have practice!

Related to that, if you have portable flood lights or similar and can make it out to PiP tonight, please bring them. The more lighting, the better!

Final Thoughts

You, the populace of this Barony, our neighboring Stronghold, and all of our lands are truly a marvel. Each of you brings life to this community, you bring joy to our activities, and your generous gifts of time and effort are what make us accomplish so much together.

We have two other events that will be upon us quickly — Gulf Wars and Commander’s Crucible. Barone Orazio and I will be in attendance at both. If you’re planning to camp with Bryn Gwlad at War (or event thinking about it), registrations will close on Feb 26th — in SIX days — and you should join this Facebook Group to get announcements and other important camp info. Pre-registration is open for Commander’s Crucible. Mark your calendars!

I will end this missive to note that Barone Orazio has been called away for a family matter. We request your patience for the time being, and please reach out to me if you need his or my action.

In service to the Dream,

Hersirkona kolfinna inn kyrra Otarsdottir
Barone Orazio d’Assisi