Fall Joint Event Update: “Asgardian Field Day”

Thank you so much to everyone who has attended our first two meetings. I am very excited to see how the Asgardian field/fjord day theme is coming together. However, we are still sourcing a site, key staff, and working out individual activity plans.

If you are interested in helping out please contact me or attend the upcoming planning meeting.

Our specific action items from the last meeting were to research Norse mythology so that we don’t base any of our zanny activities off something inaccurate. Specific areas of interest that came up were:
-Odin coming down off the world tree
-Idunn and her golden apples
-Loki and Thor in disguise to recover Mjolnir
But any myth is valid for inspiration as we continue to plan activities.

You can review our working document here and follow the link in it to enter any ideas you have.

Our next meeting will be Wednesday, July 21st at 7pm via zoom.
Meeting ID: 928 1204 9494
Passcode: FallEvent

I hope to see everyone there, this event is going to be a ton of fun and you are going to want to help make it happen!

Till then!
Orazio, BG Seneschal