The Quest for a Fun Online Event will soon be Complete!

Bryn Gwlad Event Steward – checking in!

Activities lined up so far

  • Event kick-off with Their Excellencies Bryn Gwlad
  • Afternoon/Evening Court with Their Excellencies
  • Live Classes! Join in for live classes taught by Bryn Gwlad and friends
  • Heraldic Hunt! Find the answers to all of your heraldry, device, and name questions!
  • Minecraft! We will be streaming a variety of activities and challenge for the event, and anyone is welcome to join in! Singles Tournament, Archery tournament, Melee Tournament, Bransles Dance-Off, Building Bryn Gwlad!, Race to THE END!, and more! Let’s take our SCA fun and knowledge and recreate the middle ages together.
  • Open Scribal Painting! Paint Norse-themed Scribal trading cards (2.5inx3in) with our Scribal Guild
  • Rapier Review! Join experienced Rapier fighters as they watch, analyze, and break down fights! What do they look for, what do they see, what do they do next?
  • 24-hour class channel! where we will stream pre-recorded SCA classes or other medieval educational videos
  • 24-hour SCA ambiance channel! where we will stream videos and recordings from SCA events in case you just want a little bit of that SCA event feel

We already have a good number of activities planned for the event, and there is still room for more. Please feel welcome to reach out if you are interested in hosting an activity, or if there’s something you thing would be fun for us to do.

If you are interested and willing to teach a class, Master Rene Damours has volunteered to coordinate our class line up. Please reach out to him by Facebook or email.

For any and all questions, please reach out to me via Facebook, Discord, or email (

In service,
Lady kolfinna in kyrra Otarsdottir
Bryn Gwlad Event Steward
Fall Baronial 2020 – The Virtual Hunt