Fall Baronial – Minecraft Mid-Point!

We are at the middle mark of our month-long building competition in Minecraft, and I have been blown away by the enthusiasm, creativity, and collaboration people have shown to creating Bryn Gwlad, Castleton, Hellsgate, Shadowlands, Northkeep, and so many places and spaces in our server.

Lord Tuathal O’Sheils imported topographical map data of the state of Texas and we’ve been building our baronies, shires, and stronghold in their approximate, real-world location.

As of Thursday, 17 September, we have had 66 unique players on the server! And there is rarely a time when there aren’t players logged into the game building everything from Keeps to Apothecaries, Blacksmiths to Dungeons.

I’m going to work with both our survival-mode and creative-mode builders to showcase the work they’ve done so far. Keep an eye out on our Baronial YouTube channel for video updates and live streams.

To join our server before the event, check out the FAQ and Guidelines page. Build creatively or competitively, whatever suits your fancy.

Join us on October 3rd for in-game archery, bridge battles, tournaments, dance-offs, and more! Build, explore, and have fun! Watch the streams or log into the server.

Lady kolfinna inn kyrra Ottarsdottir
Fall 2020 Event Steward.