Fall Baronial 2022 Bid Awarded

In consultation with Their Excellencies Bryn Gwlad and Their Excellencies Bonwicke, we have awarded the Fall Baronial 2022 bid to Il Festival del Colore di Bryn Gwlad. Congratulations to Lord Cristiane Milton and his staff; I know that they will be working really hard in the upcoming 6 months as we all prepare for our next big event. A huge thank you to Ulfeior a Prondheimi for putting in her bid as well; we were absolutely spoiled for choice with two such high quality bids. Keep your eyes open for messages from Cristiane regarding what we as a barony can do to help out at the event!

Also, during our meeting on Monday, we made two other decisions for upcoming events.

  1. Bryn Gwlad will be joining Bonwicke and Steppes as the third primary group for War of Legends over Labor Day weekend in San Angelo. We will be asking for volunteers to help support this event.
  2. We have invited Bonwicke to host their championship tournaments at our Fall Event. This relieves some calendar and planning pressure for both groups. We are excited to be working with our Northwestern neighbors so much this next year!