Yule Revel

December 11, 2021
Noon – 8pm

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WINTER IS THE MOST MAGICAL OF TIMES ~ For all humanity & mystical creatures alike, let us join together and celebrate! Not the past years of plague and isolation, but the Future and the Now ~ We are chosen family, so let us spend this day rejoicing in company, sharing in the breaking of bread with fun and games! Garb yourself in your SPARKLIEST wears and maybe even a Tiara and Wings ! (Please no glitter the halls mundane rule

Regardless of plague status we will be able to social distance our tables.  This hall accommodates 400 – so tables will be set at a distance from each other to allow all to unmask and eat in comfort

Date: 11 December 2021
Time: Noon – 8pm Central Time

Location: Lakeside Pavilion in Marble Falls – 305 Buena Vista Dr, Marble Falls, TX 78654

Event StewardLady Sigrun Í Biarká
Land Court DonationsHL Goldweard of St Golias
Bryn Gwlad/Hellsgate/Bardshal Gift ExchangeTBA

Site Rules:

  • Personal consumption of alcoholic beverages is allowed, but please remember, it is a long journey home, and we value you and your safe return there.
  • No Live/Open Flames (battery powered candles are fine)
  • No Glitter
  • No taking table or chairs outside of the building
  • If anything is damaged, PLEASE notify Sigrun immediately.
  • Please help clean up as you are packing out.

Noon – 1pm: Arrive and decorate your tables – winners chosen

1pm – 2pm: Opening Court

1pm – 8pm: Land Court

1pm – 7pm: Craft Table Opens – Create a holiday something!

1pm – 7pm: Gaming Tables Open – Yes, D&D WILL happen!

3pm – 4pm: Story by Sinterklaas, followed by delivering gifts!

3pm – 5pm: Holiday Feast – Your food, Our company!

4pm – 6pm: Baked Goods Competition and Cookie Swap, Pirate Swap

5pm – 6pm: Dancing, Music

7pm – 8pm: Closing Court, and a reading to our Barony and Stronghold

8pm – ??: Walkway of Lights – As you pack your family up and leave, please take a walk through the walkway of lights and enjoy the Holiday Sparkle ~ then travel safely to your home!

9pm – ??: Clean up/Tear down

This year, as well as Largess for the Baron and Baroness, we will be accepting donations of food (non perishables), toys (new), and monetary or gift cards for the mundane community of Bardshall (Bastrop County). They will not have a Brown Santa this year so the local church (First United Methodist) will be collecting to distribute to over 600 families in need – Let’s help these families have a better Holiday.

Land Allotments – https://historian.ansteorra.org/wiki/index.php?title=Land_Court

  • Non-armigerous Baronial Honors – 200 acres each
  • Award-level Honors – 300 acres each
  • Grant-level Honors – 600 acres each
  • Court Barony – 1000 acres
  • Peerages – 4000 acres each
  • Royal Nobility or past service as coronet of Bryn Gwlad – up to 7000 acres

The children or friends, will have a visit, and a story from Sinterklaas, and then receive a gift!

If you wish your child to receive a gift, please, bring it wrapped with their name on it.

The Gift Exchange is a “Pirate Game” for the adults! Bring a gift, wrapped, but unnamed for placement on our table. Numbers will be drawn, and receive your gift!

Gifts should be gender neutral and under $10-$20. Handmade gifts are great as well!