Yule Revel

Winter 2020 Theme: Midwinter’s Daydream

12 December 2020
10AM – 10PM Central

Celebrate ice and snow at the annual Yule revel for Bryn Gwlad and Hellsgate!

This event will be held virtually through our Baronial Discord Server.

Yule Revel is Bryn Gwlad and Hellsgate’s annual Winter Party. This event is not added or advertised at the Kingdom level, and is instead an event where we gather together, eat, dance, and celebrate our groups together. Traditional activities include Land Court, a Ball, a potluck dinner, a table decorating contest, and children’s activities.

12 December 2020
10 am – 10 pm Central

Celebrate ice and snow at the annual Yule revel for Bryn Gwlad and Hellsgate!

Event StewardHL Goldweard of St. Golias
Facebook Event PageFacebook Event for Bryn Gwlad Yule 2020
Event PlatformBryn Gwlad Discord Server
Minecraft ServerBryn Gwlad Minecraft Server
Land Court Donation PagesHope Alliance
Williamson County Brown Santa
Bryn Gwlad/Hellsgate Secret SantaSign ups have closed!

Sat Dec. 12, 2020

10 am to 10 pm


We will be offering a number of classes from 10-2 they will be hosted by default through the Discord server. If you would prefer another method for your class please include a link in the description.

Ice Palace

The Minecraft server hosts a winter area complete with a winter village, snowmen, Ice skating, a train, snowball fight forts, and an ice palace. You can access the ice palace through /warp icepalace.

Minecraft Ball

Join us in Minecraft and fill out the dance hall for a spontaneous dance time!

This year we will be doing a Secret Santa gift exchange (sign ups have closed)!

How does it work?

  • Sign up by 6 November 2020 and put your interests in the system
  • We will assign you to someone else to fill the present
    • $20 limit as always
  • Either buy something online or make something
  • Ship your gift to the address of the person you were assigned (addresses will only be given to the assigned person)
  • We all open them together the day of the event!
  • RSVP by Friday November 6 lists will be sent out the 7th

We will be hosting 2 different movies These movies will be streamed through the Discord server.

6pm Frozen – When their kingdom becomes trapped in perpetual winter, fearless Anna (Kristen Bell) joins forces with mountaineer Kristoff (Jonathan Groff) and his reindeer sidekick to find Anna’s sister, Snow Queen Elsa (Idina Menzel), and break her icy spell. Although their epic journey leads them to encounters with mystical trolls, a comedic snowman (Josh Gad), harsh conditions, and magic at every turn, Anna and Kristoff bravely push onward in a race to save their kingdom from winter’s cold grip.

8 pm The Lion In Winter – It’s Christmas 1183, and King Henry II (Peter O’Toole) is planning to announce his successor to the throne. The jockeying for the crown, though, is complex. Henry has three sons and wants his boy Prince John (Nigel Terry) to take over. Henry’s wife, Queen Eleanor (Katharine Hepburn), has other ideas. She believes their son Prince Richard (Anthony Hopkins) should be king. As the family and various schemers gather for the holiday, each tries to make the indecisive king choose their option.

As part of the video chat session, we will be conducting a chat room decorating contest. Set up your display with your feast gear, decorations, and other finery. Their excellencies will select a winner. Video chat will occur from 3-6.